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ABCnews Nightline on how Tongkat Ali helps women with sexual satisfaction

Pamela Joy: 40 percent of women suffer from sexual dysfunction, and there are no real pharmaceutical solutions. - You should give Tongkat Ali a try.

Renowned international andrologist Dr. Tambi MD on the benefits of Tongkat Ali

Stanford Neuroscience Professor Dr. Andrew Huberman explains the effects of Tongkat Ali

ABCnews Nightline on Tongkat Ali for men and for women

Stanford Neuroscience Professor Dr. Andrew Huberman recommends Tongkat Ali, strongly advises against Testosterone Replacement Therapy

CBS - Stroke from Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Bodybuilding defending the small size of his penis

Jacked-up bodybuilder on trenbolone: you may never get your natural sex drive back (try maximum dosages of Tongkat Ali)

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