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Orders can be placed by writing to the email address below. Payment would be to a bank account. Buyers can use a service like Western Union to make a remittance online, charging their credit card or debiting their bank account. Payments can be in the local currency of the buyer. Western Union costs 0 fee (though they may make their profit from exchange rates which, at the end, charge us). There are many other services that allow international payments to bank accounts in a buyer's own currency, like Moneygram, Remitly, XE, Wise, and WorldRemit. Payments through all the listed services can be done online. As proof, just send us a printscreen of the transaction.

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Tongkat Ali, Fermented Indonesian 1:200 Root & Leaves Extract

420 Capsules @ 300 mg, 380 US dollars

Tongkat Ali, Fermented Indonesian 1:200 Root & Root Bark Extract

420 Capsules @ 320 mg, 380 US dollars

Tongkat Ali, Fermented Dark Indonesian 1:200 Extract (Root, Stem, Leaves)

420 Capsules @ 400 mg, 290 US dollars

Tongkat Ali, Indonesian Fermented 1:200 Root Extract

420 Capsules @ 280 mg, 370 US dollars

Black Ginger (Kaempferia Parviflora) Fermented Thai 1:60 Extract

420 Capsules @ 500 mg, 160 US dollars

10 pouches of 45 grams each, 160 US dollars

Butea Superba, Thai 1:100 Extract

420 Capsules @ 300 mg, 320 US dollars

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