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Tongkatali.org's Regular Products

We ship to every country and territory on earth, and accept payments from anywhere, through banks, PayPal and similar services, as well as cryptos. Please write to us through the email address in the header for possible discounts, and the most economical shipping and payment options.

Free Double Quantity

Heres the deal: We make a retail profit on your purchases only until you ordered our regular products directly from us through tongkatali.org for 1000 US dollars. After that, we consider you a wholesale buyer. Then, as a wholesale buyer, you get free double quantity on any item you buy from us directly through tongkatali.org.

How to economize when buying our extracts

Buy our extracts as loose powders instead of capsules. For example, 1 bottle of 100 capsules of Grade A Indonesian 1:200 extract contains a net weight of 30 grams and costs 129 US dollars. That translates as 4.30 US dollars per gram. If instead, you buy 1 bottle of 100 grams of loose powder of the same product, the price will be 150 US dollars (just 1.50 US dollar per gram). One step further, 1 bottle of 400 grams of the same product is available for 496 US dollars (1.20 US dollars per gram). Reason: Tongkatali.org is a producer and wholesaler more than a retailer. Thus, as quantities go up, prices go down substantially. Note: 1 leveled teaspoon is roughly equivalent to 1 capsule; 1 heaped teaspoon is slightly more than 5 capsules. Just like with instant coffee, effects are linear, and you will get a feel for your kick.

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