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Engineering love

Sample manipulation technique

By tongkatali.org
Updated March 11, 2023

A manipulator needs confidence. Nobody can manipulate if he or she feels insecure about whether it will work.

One needs awareness that when one has knowledge of the best tactics, manipulating love is easy.

This awareness, however, only comes from a deeper understanding how manipulation works.

For example the manipulation of children so that they will adopt a certain religion. Even though children can become stern believers in religions, it does not have much to do with the qualities of a specific religion. Children do not become believers of one religion rather than another one because the one they adopt would be more convincing, just as women do not necessarily fall in love with the man who would objectively be best for them. Fact is that for successful manipulation, the genuine qualities of neither religions nor men are the central factor. Manipulation mechanisms are.

Assuming four people in a room: a mother, an uncle, the wife of the uncle, and a 5-year-old girl.

Asks the uncle, presumably addressing the mother: “Does little princess already understand religion?”

Answers the mother: “Yes, little princess is already big enough. She already knows religion.”

Says the uncle’s wife: “Are you sure she is not a Catholic?”

Then the uncle’s wife tweezes her eyes and looks critically at little princess and says: “I think she is a Catholic; her feet look as if she is a Catholic.”

Says the mother: “No, no, no, little princess is not a Catholic. Of course she is a Mormon. A real Mormon because she is already big and understands religion.”

Says the uncle: “Is it true. Is little princess already big? Does she already know how to be a genuine Mormon? She must be very clever that she already understands how to be a real Mormon.”

The one thing little princess does not understand in the whole conversation, is the meaning of Catholic and Mormon.

What she does understand is that her being a Mormon is associated with her being big already, and that is what she wants. She wants to be big already, and she wants to be called smart, and if both of this is associated with being a Mormon, it must be great to be a Mormon.

The next day in the kindergarten, little princess will say to another little girl she hates: “I think you are a Catholic! I can see it from your feet. Catholic, Catholic, Catholic!

In successful manipulation, one first identifies a window through which one channels the manipulation into the target’s mind.

For example to associate an unknown element (being a Mormon, not a Catholic) with a highly positive element (for little princess the idea to be big already).

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