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Genuine tongkat ali

Tongkat ali is rare, and the market is full of fakes. At least 90 percent of what is sold on the Internet is fake. Many just sell tribulus and claim it's tongkat ali. Others sell Chinese white powders that in fact are mostly sildenafil analogues.

Our products are genuine tongkat ali and tongkat ali extract, nothing else.

Genuine tongkat ali extract tastes miserable, but it is not very bitter. If you put some pulverized Viagra into your mouth, this will have a taste more bitter than tongkat ali or tongkat ali extract.

Genuine tongkat ali extract has a dark color, and it tastes somehow like heavily roasted coffee.

To support the knowledge of tongkat ali users so they can judge whether a product is genuine, we ship a pouch of tongkat ali root chips with every order of 300 US dollars or more, free of charge.

These root chips can be boiled and consumed as tea. A buyer will then know that the root chips and the extract are very similar in taste.

Are you considering other, fake, brands? Ask them for a sample of root chips. With all likelihood they don't have any raw material at all. Most of the scammers do not even have an own photo of the tongkat ali plant.

Tongkat ali to increase libido

Sex is the essence of life, and libido (sexual desire) is the essence of sex. That is why tongkat ali is superior to Viagra. Viagra causes erections alright but it is stupid reverse logic to think that having an erection makes satisfying sex. Viagra erections, just like alprostadil injections or penis pumps, cause blood flow into the male organ, even if the mind has no sexual desire at all.

But the potential of tongkat ali is something entirely different. The potential of tongkat ali is to give a person back his or her lost sexual desires. Sexual desires are the essence of life. They give us a feeling of what we are living for.

Tongkat ali usually raises testosterone. This is the standard application of the herb. Doing this is not diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing diseases (a statement we have to make as a law abiding company), and yes, we are convinced that in case of any illness, visit a professional physician.

Lack of libido is not a clinical condition, not a disease. It is quite normal when getting older, and quite normal for women of any age.

That it's so normal does not make it any more appealing. A lack of libido results in a lack of sense for being alive.

Based on hundreds of years of Indonesian folk medicine, we believe that tongkat ali can help regain lost libido, or even bring about libido that has never been there.

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Our tongkat ali is collected in tropical mountain forests, hundreds of kilometers from human settlements. We bring our scouts by home-bus as far as there are roads. The home-bus provides safe accommodation for nights. The forests themselves are not hospitable.

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A tree selected to be harvested for its roots.

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After tongkat ali roots have been digged out of the ground, they have to be carried on shoulder through 30 kilometer or more through the jungle.

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We sell whole roots, but mostly chipped root, packed in gunnies of 19 kg.

Tongkat ali in bodybuilding

There are scientific studies with humans showing that tongkat ali taken with athletic programs cause increased muscle growth, when compared to the same exercise program without tongkat ali.

Tongkat ali warehouses

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We ship containers of 5,000 kg (250 gunnies) to extraction facilities in Europe and the US.

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We also accommodate smaller quantities of chipped root.

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