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Our extracts are filled in bovine gelatine capsules. The content of our capsules is 100 percent tongkat ali-derived. Only small amounts of tongkat ali cellulose are used as binder. We do not use, never used, and will never use stearic acid as filler.

Sumatra Pasak Bumi warehouse
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Free double

For more than 20 years, our company has been the world's foremost tongkat ali distributor, and unlike some web spammers who have made it into top Google rankings, we have ample photographic evidence that we are a real sourcing and production company. But this doesn't stop some spam-and-scam operations to claim themselves that they are the world's foremost tongkat ali source, and that they would distribute the absolutely best quality. They sell some undistinct material and claim it to be tongkat ali 1:200 (our toned-down extract that we sold to those with digestive-tract issues, albeit at a higher price than our strongest 1:50 extract), and they claim standardization, high-tech testing, GMP, and all kind of quality control. A bunch of lies, they sell, riding on a reputation established by Sumatra Pasak Bumi. Most of them initially were distributors of our products, until they calculated that they could make more money selling some Chinese bootleg fakes, often to a customer base established with our products.

Our company has always done some retail, but our focus was and is wholesale. To reward those retail customers who bought directly from us in spite of undiscouted retail prices, we have, for more than 10 years, offered free double quantity to those retail customers with a previous order history of more than 1000 US dollars. Some of those who purchased at these reduced prices resold in gyms or among friends.

Tongkat ali staff carrying roots
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After tongkat ali roots have been digged out of the ground, they have to be carried on shoulder through 30 kilometer or more through the jungle.

Strongest 1:50 and digestion-friendly 1:200 tongkat ali extract

Tongkat ali 1:200 extract was developed by our company, Sumatra Pasak Bumi, in the 1990's. The 1:200 extract is derived from the 1:50 extract that we have produced for several years prior to the 1:200 extract. 1:200 extract is 1:50 extract that has been further concentrated by removing crystalline components that can cause digestive irritation in a very small number of people.

As some plant constituents have been removed to turn 1:50 into 1:200, the 1:200 isn't stronger than the 1:50. If anything, it is milder.

Approximately 1:50 is a natural extract ratio for dry tongkat ali root. This means that 50 kilo of dry root yield about 1 kg of water or alcohol-soluble constituents. This extract contains all quassinoids of tongkat ali. Any higher ratio can only be obtained by minimizing quassinoids and thus making the extract weaker.

We have previously sold the 1:200 extract at a higher price, as it involved further processing. This has resulted in a good number of dubious characters entering the tongkat ali market with an alleged 1:200 extract as their only tongkat ali product, simply because it can be sold for a high price.

What is distributed by these site, several of which rank high on Google, certainly isn't 1:200, and often enough it isn't even tongkat ali. Selling fillers, such as stearate, in capsules and claiming it is an extract of tongkat ali or another rare plant, is common trickery applied by supplement companies who are not at the source of the plants. As reported in the New York Times, the New York attorney general has issued cease and desist letters to major US retailers [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] such as GNC, Walmart, and Walgreens, demanding that fake alleged high potency herbals be removed from shelves.


1 New York Attorney General Targets Supplements at Major Retailers, The New York Times, February 3, 2015

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3 FDA cracks down Walmart, GNC, other companies selling supplements that do not contain the herbs on the label, Natural News, February 5, 2015

4 Top retailers sold bogus bottles of herbal supplements, N.Y. authorities allege, NJ Advance Media, February 4, 2015

5 The New York Attorney General, Herbs, and You, Whole Health Chicago, February 4, 2015

staff stacking tongkat ali filled sacks small photo
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Tongkat ali chips-filled sacks

Become a reseller

After having purchased for 3000 US dollars, resellers discount 66 percent. Only have to stock a few bottles. We can ship to a reseller's customers directly. We register, set up, and maintain a website for the reseller, sample here. Reseller communicates with buyers and receives payment. Offer available for any city in North America and every country on earth. Any language welcome, not just English. Also suited for resale on Facebook, other social media, or Amazon.

Sumatra Pasak Bumi has always primarily been a production and wholesale company. Our standard wholesale discount is 75 percent. However, a buyer who has purchased products directly from us for 1000 US dollars or more, subsequently is entitled to free double quantity for whatever he or she buys from us thereafter, including products not available from resellers.

It is foreseeable that ever more trade activities will move to the Internet. [1] [2] But that doesn't have to mean that there will just be one universal player as Amazon is for printed books.

Google already localizes it's search results. [3] [4] If a person in Minneapolis searches for spaghetti, he or she isn't served well with information on companies or restaurants in Milan or Naples. Thus, Google will return Minneapolis spaghetti options.

We would also like to localize distribution, in order to take advantage of Google's search localization. Up to now, we served a limited number of resellers who all needed substantial capital up front, typically more than 15,000 US dollars, for initial purchases. But we now introduced a system by which those using tongkat ali themselves can gradually become localized Internet-based distributors.

Because of Google's localized search results, the only thing necessary for a reseller is to be local somewhere, and to register with Google as a local business. A tongkat ali reseller in Minneapolis will then likely come up as a result by anybody who searches for tongkat ali in Minneapolis or Minnesota, but not for somebody who searches in the Middlesbrough (youtube), UK, or Minsk (youtube), Belarus.

A local reseller would have to be available for an occasional phone call or chat with a customer, and a local reseller would have to receive payments. The product can either be stocked by the reseller, or shipped from us in Indonesia. It's a different form of franchise, and of course, we would love to be local in as many places as 7-Eleven or McDonald's.


1 China is buying up the internet, Business Insider, Nov. 7, 2015

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4 Google 'localizes' search results, Business Journal

Tongkat ali chips
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New high-pressure extraction equipment

In April 2016, we have obtained new high-pressure extraction equipment. It allows for the extraction of tongkat ali non-cellulose constituents at room temperature. The old extraction technology required higher temperatures.

The new extraction technology results in extracts being of a lighter color. About two thirds of consumers prefer the extract produced with the new technology. But others tend to have better results with the more traditional extraction method.

On the new extraction method, we receive more reports of tongkat ali causing agitation.

Anyway, we offer all extracts in both versions, high-pressure extracted and extracted at lower pressure.

We request that buyers who prefer the older extraction method to indicate this when they order, otherwise we ship the high-pressure extracted tongkat ali.

Tongkat ali roots warehouse
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We sell whole roots, but mostly chipped root, packed in gunnies of 19 kg.

Tongkat ali scientific research

The scientific name of tongkat ali is Eurycoma longifolia.

Tongkat ali has been studied for a wide range of applications. Below are references to some of these studies.


Effect of Tongkat Ali on stress hormones and psychological mood state in moderately stressed subjects

Free testosterone

Tongkat Ali as a Potential Herbal Supplement for Physically Active Male and Female Seniors?A Pilot Study

Sexual desire

Natural Aphrodisiacs


Eurycoma longifolia Jack in managing idiopathic male infertility

Effect of Eurycoma longifolia Jack (Tongkat ali) extract on human spermatozoa in vitro

Muscle mass

Phytoandrogenic properties of Eurycoma longifolia as natural alternative to testosterone replacement therapy

The Effects of Supraphysiologic Doses of Testosterone on Muscle Size and Strength in Normal Men

Breast cancer

Cytotoxic effects of the root extracts of Eurycoma longifolia Jack

Colon cancer

Anti-angiogenic quassinoid-rich fraction from Eurycoma longifolia modulates endothelial cell function


Screening for antihyperglycaemic activity in several local herbs of Malaysia


Antibacterial activity of Eurycoma longifolia Jack. A Malaysian medicinal plant.


Ethnobotanical study on some Malaysian anti-malarial plants: A community based survey

staff stacking tongkat ali filled sacks small photo
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Staff holding tongkat ali chips-filled sack

Tongkat ali media coverage

Though tongkat ali is comparatively new to Western herbal treatment, it has been reported about in the most reputable popular and scientific media in North America and Europe. Below links to the coverage in print and electronic publications of the highest standards.

The Independent

The Washington Post

ABC News

The Daily Mail

The Daily Telegraph

The Washington Post

Common false tongkat ali claims

Many websites sell fake tongkat ali, mostly fake 1:200 extract, because 1:200 has traditionally been our most expensive ratio. We produce the 1:200 by filtering our 1:50. There never was anything in 1:200 that wasn't in 1:50.

There are numerous false claims about fake 1:200 extract, not just the obviously wrong one that it is strongest.

Sites selling fake 1:200 often arbitrarily invoke high production standard certification without actually complying with the rules. Invoked certifications and testing include:

GMP certification - GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. In the US, the FDA certifies GMP, and certification is legally required for manufacturing and marketing permissions. The FDA issues a certification document. When sellers of fake extracts write GMP compliant, they are typically not certified. But only certification is meaningful, and claiming to comply without having been certified is pharmaceutical fraud.

ISO certification - IS0 stands for International Organisation for Standardization; this is an NGO present in most countries, doing inspections and issuing certifications. Buyers should always ask for proof.

HPLC Standardisation - High Performance Liquid Chromatography (for a video beginner's guide, see here). In most cases, this is just a lie. HPLC is expensive and time consuming, and labs that have the necessary equipment are far in between. Those interested to buy from a website that claims HPLC standardization should always request information on what lab precisely is doing the HPLC testing, as well as a lab report no older than 30 days. Potential buyers should avoid being bullshitted with references to this being a business secret. Quacks with secret formula's or secret labs are a danger to public health.

Some websites trying to sell fake 1:200 extract are possibly run by the Mafia or Chinese Triads. Others are simply schemes of SEO marketeers, tempted by the high profits from selling fillers to unsuspecting bodybuilders or elderly men who believe to purchase a facilitator for their ambitions or a solution to their problems.

Our products

All our capsules are marked SPB as shown in the photo below. Most of our products are sold by resellers, listed here. However, in the past, some resellers have not been honest. They purchased a limited stock of genuine tongkat ali from us, and then mixed it with tribulus and filled their own capsules. Thus, if ever you purchase a product claimed to be manufactured by us, but the capsules are not imprinted SPB, please immediately contact us.

Tongkat ali order 1:200 capsule

300 mg bottle
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Our 1:200, 300 mg extract

Dosage information

When our product was approved by the Department of Health of the Indonesian government, the product label also needed to be submitted. Dosage recommendations on the label passed Indonesian Department of Health scrutiny.

Tongkat ali fruit
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Tongkat ali chips

Our company

Our company (Sumatra Pasak Bumi), and this website, sell tongkat ali in various forms, as well as a few other herbals. We are a trading enterprise, not a medical clinic. We sell a herbal of which a good number of researchers believe that it has substantial potential. But our expertise is in sourcing this rare plant, not in medical applications for it. If you are interested in tongkat ali and the latest research about it, you may want to google it. For more qualified query results, we recommend:

On Google Scholar, please use the scientific name for tongkat ali, Eurycoma longifolia.

Go to a healthcare professional for medical advice. Come to us if you want tongkat ali that is indeed tongkat ali, and not a fake laced with analogues of prescription medications that have not even been approved in veterinary medicine.

We are a government-supervised facility, our products have been tested and verified in government labs, and are approved by the Indonesian Department of Health. And this is not just a claim, as can be seen from ample photographic evidence on this site.

Contact us
About us

chips in sacks
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Tongkat ali chips in sacks

Regional sites

Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France
Germany, Hongkong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan
Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore
Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey
United Kingdom, USA

Products licensed by the Indonesian Department of Health

Tongkat ali product license 300 mg capsule
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This is the product license for our 300 mg capsules of 1:200 tongkat ali extract.

See here for more product licenses.

Genuine tongkat ali

Tongkat ali is rare, and the market is full of fakes. At least 90 percent of what is sold on the Internet is fake, and scams are widely reported on the web. Just do a Google search for tongkat ali scams, or tongkat ali cheats, or fake tongkat ali, and you will find the information you need so you won't fall victim to dishonest peddlers. Many crooks just sell tribulus terrestris and claim it's tongkat ali. Others sell Chinese white powders that in fact are mostly sildenafil analogues. Read more here....

container full of tongkat ali chips in sacks
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Container full of tongkat ali chips in sacks

Price comparison genuine - phony tongkat ali extract

Our company, UD Sumatra Pasak Bumi in Medan, Indonesia, developed the tongkat ali 1:50 and 1:200 extract. After they gained popularity, a great number of fakes appeared on the market. There are two classes of fakes:

1. outright fakes that are no tongkat ali at all, but any other plant material, often mixed with bootleg sildenafil analogues, usually originating in China

2. deceptive fakes that are tongkat ali root powder, usually labeled as 1:200 because previously, we sold the refined, milder 1:200 extract at a higher price than the stronger 1:50 extract (we have now adjusted the prices, so they are the same).

Either kind of scam works by blinding potential buyers with prices for 1:200 tongkat ali extract that seem lower than those of Sumatra Pasak Bumi's. But in reality, root powder sold at 30 US dollars is much more expensive than an extract sold at 300 US dollars.

Fakers of either category go to great lengths in their efforts to gain some legitimacy for their wares.

One common scam is to submit samples of cooked root powder to laboratories for having it tested for salmonella or E. coli. However, when the sample is submitted to the laboratory, it is designated as 1:200.

Anyway, the laboratory is paid to perform cheap tests for salmonella and E. coli. They will just do that. And if the sample is submitted with a designation "1:200 tongkat ali extract", the laboratory will return a lab report that says: 1:200 tongkat ali extract, free of salmonella and E. coli

The lab will not examine whether the sample submitted for testing is indeed 1:200 extract, or just root powder. In fact, the lab will not even test whether the submitted sample is tongkat ali at all. Such tests would require different, and much more expensive equipment and test kits.

Tests for salmonella and E. coli are performed in microbiology faculties. Tests for the chemical composition of samples are a task handled in analytical chemistry labs. And fakes are most reliably uncovered in forensic labs.

At the end of the day, all of the certificates presented by fakers mean nothing. The only assurance you can rely on is a confirmation from the source of the original product that what a reseller distributes is indeed genuine tongkat ali extract.

Tongkat ali and heavy metals

Contamination with heavy metals in other tongkat ali is associated with risks of severe nerve and brain damage [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]. Our tongkat ali may be a little more expensive, but it is harvested in jungles far from any civilisation and certified free of heavy metals. Read more here


1 Heavy Metal: Lead and the Brain, Psychology Today, Jan 23, 2016

2 Heavy Metal Poisoning, NORD

3 Heavy Metals Toxicity and the Environment, EXS. 2012; 101: 133?164.

4 Toxicity, mechanism and health effects of some heavy metals, Interdiscip Toxicol. 2014 Jun; 7(2): 60?72.

5 Metal toxicity in the central nervous system., Environ Health Perspect. 1987 Nov; 75: 59?64.

Tongkat ali extract solubility

The active ingredients of tongkat ali are quassinoids. Quassinoids are natural plant chemicals that belong to a larger group of plant chemicals named terpenoids. Terpenoids are lipids. Read more here....

Expedition photos

Tongkat ali staff
Large photo

Our tongkat ali is collected in tropical mountain forests, hundreds of kilometers from human settlements. We bring our scouts by home-bus as far as there are roads. The home-bus provides safe accommodation for nights. The forests themselves are not hospitable.

Tongkat ali roots
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A tree selected to be harvested for its roots.

Tongkat ali roots warehouse
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We sell whole roots, but mostly chipped root, packed in gunnies of 19 kg.

Tongkat ali warehouses

Sumatra Pasak Bumi tongkat ali chips
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We ship containers of 5,000 kg (250 gunnies) to extraction facilities in Europe and the US.

Tongkat ali container
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We also accommodate smaller quantities of chipped root.

Tongkat ali chips quantities
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Tongkat ali loading boxes
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Botanical documentation

Tongkat ali small tree branches
Large photo

Small branches of a tongkat ali tree


Tongkat ali fruit
Large photo

Fruit, flower and leaf of tongkat Ali


Tongkat ali leaf
Large photo

Leaf of a tongkat ali tree


Eurycoma Longifolia tree
Large photo

Flowers of a tongkat ali tree


Tongkat ali tree
Large photo

Fruits of a tongkat ali tree


Tongkat ali tree fruits
Large photo

Tongkat ali flowers and fruits


Tongkat ali fruit
Large photo

Tongkat ali fruit


Tongkat ali small
Large photo

Small tongkat ali tree


Sumatra Pasak Bumi tree branches
Large photo

Branches of a tongkat ali tree


Sumatra Pasak Bumi flowering branches
Large photo

Flowering branches of a small tongkat ali

More botanical documentation here

Information, statements and products on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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