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Tongkat Ali is the same as, and the opposite of, anabolic steroids

By Serge Kreutz, 2021

People take anabolic steroids to enhance muscular strength, or to build muscle mass. Physicians actually do, sometimes, though not often, prescribe steroids to human patients to counter extreme weakness, or wasting.

Anabolic steroids are usually injected to avoid a high rate of first-pass metabolism (filtering by the liver before they reach the systemic circulation) and reduce the negative impact on liver health. The most common steroid is Deca-Durabolin (generic name: nandrolone). It can easily be bought online from Indian websites, and they do not ask for anything but the money. Deca-Durabolin is cheap. A typical price is around 300 rupees (4 US dollars) for 5 vials of 100 mg / ml.

Another, even more powerful steroid is trenbolone, a derivative of nandrolone, often injected into cattle. Estradiol is added to the veterinary formula for a higher degree of water retention, apart from the increased muscle mass. Breeders are in favor of the water retention, as cattle for slaughter are sold by weight. Bodybuilders definitely are against water retention, as they want a pronounced muscular look, not a bloated one. As there is no official human application for trenbolone, the juice bodybuilders inject comes from underground labs.

It is not approved for human applications under any circumstances, but nevertheless is popular with bodybuilders.

Most of the time, steroids are "abused" by athletes who aim for a competitive edge, and by ordinary men who desire a more attractive physique. Sure, anabolic steroids work, for both. But this comes at a price. And it's not just the price of the drugs.

Steroids can, in some cases substantially, increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and several nasty cancers, including brain cancer. Steroids users feel they can live with these risks, as they are not a certainty.

But there are effects on sexual parameters and reproductive organs that are of a high probability or even a certainty. These amusing to those who read about them, but no joke to those who are affected.

Gynecomastia (bitch tits) is a distinct possibility with anabolic steroids. This happens either because estrogens are synthesized from testosterone, or because some anabolic steroids, like trenbolone, bind to progesterone receptors.

Deca Dick (genital shrinkage) is another awkward side effect, not only of Deca-Duraboline but all anabolic steroids. Genital shrinkage happens because the massive exogenous supply of testosterone analogs shuts down the body's own synthesis of testosterone in the testes.

Anabolic steroids also mess up a person's libido. Libido is not a function of just testosterone. As indicated by Michael Schuster of the University of Miami, libido and erectile function are regulated as am "an intricate symphony of (the) dose-dependent and temporally sensitive modulation" of testosterone, estrogens, and aromatase, in both the brain and the genitals.

By experience, bodybuilders who use trenbolone know that the odds of salvaging their sexual health are better if they add testosterone to their stack, which in parts, gets aromatized into estrogens. But it's banking on sheer luck. In some cases it helps, at other times it doesn't.

Enter the Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali raises testosterone. This has been confirmed by trials of Tongkatali.org almost two decades ago. You can see test results from 2004/2005 at tongkatali.org/tongkat-ali-testosterone.htm

That Tongkat Ali raises testosterone is also backed by solid academic research. But Tongkat Ali does not just raise testosterone. It works on the whole hormonal orchestra, from the hypothalamus down to the corpora carvernosa. In the sense that it causes elevated testosterone tone, Tongkat Ali is the same as anabolic steroids.

See below a graph from a comprehensive study on Tongkat Ali extract and testosterone, done by 8 scientists under the leadership of Shahira Ezzat. Like most ground-breaking research, this one, too, was done on lab animals. The graph shows that at a high enough dosage, Tongkat Ali extract more than tripled total testosterone. The applied dosage for this effect was 800 mg/kg of body weight for 10 days in a row.

While Tongkat Ali is the same as anabolic steroids because it elevates testosterone tone, in that Tongkat Ali doesn't shut down the testes but activates them instead, Tongkat Ali is the opposite of anabolic steroids. Tongkat Ali can even help bodybuilders recover from steroid cycles.

Tongkat Ali will not build you the physique of the 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry. Why should it. Such an appearance is neither attractive, nor healthy, nor needed. What you need is balanced hormones, for great sex, as long as you live.

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