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How, exactly, does Tongkat Ali Root & Bark improve orgasms

By Serge Kreutz, 2021

The alkaloid content of tongkat ali bark makes the effect of Sumatra Pasak Bumi's Tongkat Ali Root & Bark extract different from other tongkat ali extracts.

Tongkat Ali Root-only extract elevates testosterone. That is good news if one's testosterone levels are low, and if one chases anabolic effects (muscle growth or maintenance).

Even though no testosterone means no sex drive at all, elevating testosterone doesn't solve just about any sexual problem, especially not orgasmic ones. It's like with agriculture and water. No water, no crop will grow for sure. That doesn't mean that the more water is supplied to an agricultural plot, the more yield would be produced.

Sexuality, and agriculture, just don't work like that. Testosterone, and water in agriculture, is not the only factor.

Too many people have just a theoretical approach. It goes like this: 1. An older man doesn't have as much sex drive as a younger one. 2. Testosterone declines with aging. 3. Thus, testosterone is the culprit for sexual insufficiency.

Wrong logic! That two events occur in parallel does not establish a causative relationship.

Another example of wrong logic: 1. Tongkat ali raises testosterone. 2. Tongkat ali also improves sexual experience. 3. Thus, tongkat ali improves sex because it raises testosterone.

A theoretical approach leads to scholastic dogmas. That's not science. Science is based on practical observation.

Tongkat Ali Root & Bark extract improves orgasms. First of all, this is an observation that can be replicated by any men (and woman) anywhere around the world.

What exactly happens? Nothing, if you don't have sex. But when you do have sex, there are two observable effects:

1. Tongkat Ali Root & Bark extract avoids orgasmic failures. If you start having sex, and you lose interest while you are doing it, this will be an orgasmic failure. Even when you engage in routine sex with a longtime partner, there must be a moment when you switch from "OK, let's try" to "Fuck it. I need it". This is a condition for orgasmic success, and this is what Tongkat Ali Root & Bark extract can trigger. Mind you: it's not that older men wouldn't wish for the pleasure of orgasms. It's just that often, they can't get properly going, mentally.

2. In men without orgasmic problems, another effect of Tongkat Ali Root & Bark extract is more noticeable. Tongkat Ali Root & Bark allows a man to stay on the pre-orgasmic plateau for an extended period of time. The plateau phase actually has two levels. The lower level has a longer duration: it can last several minutes. That is when one engages in sexual conduct, and is focused. There is an increased heart rate and aggravated breathing. This part of the plateau phase is entered after the "Fuck it. I need it." trigger.

But then, there is another, usually much shorter plateau phase, just before orgasm. This is when the ejaculatory duct fills with the various secretions that make up semen, and internal pressure builds up in the prostate; then hair rises in the neck and on the back, and later on other body surfaces, and there are immensely pleasurable goosebumps (cutis anser is the medical term) all over.

This second, higher plateau is typically very short in teenage and young adult men... so short that most of those folks don't even know that this is a distinct, separate phase. The capability to recognize, and enjoy, this second plateau develops as one gets older. This is why sex actually gets better as one gets older.

Sumatra Pasak Bumi is deeply rooted in science. This is why we print "Strictly Science-Based Herbals" on most labels. Since Sir Francis Bacon's Novum Organum, science is observational, or empiricist, not dogmatic. And the effects I describe for Tongkat Ali Root & Bark extract are wholly based on observation (and self-experimentation), not on testosterone theories. And these observations can be replicated by anyone who cares about better orgasms, or orgasms in the first place.

The effects are dose-dependent. I, Serge Kreutz, myself build up some 20 caps within some three hours before intercourse. I take 5 caps every half hour or so. For me, this is easier on the digestive tract than taking 20 caps at once. Other people may have a less sensitive stomach. Tongkat Ali Root & Bark, via the vagus nerve, has a parasympathetic effect on the abdomen. This will likely cause some increased motility in many users.

Furthermore, sensitivity or tolerance towards tongkat ali phytochemicals may vary substantially among different people. I am a longtime user of tongkat ali, so I myself probably have a good tolerance. Other people may not.

Conventional wisdom is to start with low dosages, maybe just 2 caps, and see how one reacts. The dosage advice on the bottles is 4 to 8 caps twice a day, or up to 12 caps one hour before desired effects. I myself can go double with only positive results. But at very large dosages of around 40 caps (which I tried), the dopaminergic note of the bark will take over and likely result in nauseous stimulation.

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