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Why GMP is irrelevant for tongkat ali

By tongkatali.org
Updated May 14, 2023

For 25 years, we have been selling our quality tongkat ali 1:200 extract. Our product is the reason why tongkat ali is hip. Why? Because it works. For testosterone, bodybuilding, libido.

Our product is not GMP-certified. Why should it be? GMP, short for Good Manufacturing Practice, has nothing to do with the quality of a product.

GMP does not test whether a product does what it is designed to do. GMP means that the product is manufactured with worker safety assured, and with minimal negative impact on the environment and communities. GMP may also concern work place cleanliness, and the condition of toilets.

Well, our tongkat ali is collected in the wild by tribal Indonesians. They dig the roots out in teams of 4 or 5 people, one or two roots a day.

They get the roots from forests where their communities have lived for many generations. These forests are increasingly burned down to make space for palm oil plantations.

GMP guidelines on sustainability would require us to replant tongkat ali trees. But before those trees are grown, the area would be burned down anyway to clear it for plantations. You can't discuss such issues with GMP inspectors.

Anyway, who are they... those inspectors? They are employees of international auditing firms, often with a background in law. Those guys are not environment protection idealists, or consumer advocates. Like layers anywhere, they are in the trade for making money.

A lot of money, in the case of GMP auditing. To be GMP-certified, we would have to shell out upwards of 200,000 US dollars. Per year, that is.

Our company is owned by the family of a Batak chief. Our operation benefits Batak communities by providing work and income to Batak families. Rather than paying some auditor lawyers to inspect our Batak business, we would use the same amount of money to build 2 schools, also per year.

Are other tongkat ali traders GMP-certified? Very unlikely. Mostly they are scammers who just print GMP logos on their bottles, without even knowing what GMP is, just as they print 1:200, or 200:1 tongkat ali extract on their bottles when in fact, the powder may not even be tongkat ali, let alone 1:200.


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