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Did Chinese emperors have the best sex in male human history?

By tongkatali.org
Updated May 12, 2023

Chinese emperors were highly promiscuous, often with dozens of concubines.

There were limits, however, on how interested the emperors were in the women waiting to be available. They were bored, and the setting was boring.

Sex with concubines was highly ritualized, and always followed a set routine. It wasn't designed just for the pleasure of the emperor, but followed Confucian teachings on creating harmony between heaven and earth, a prerequisite for the wellbeing not only of the inhabitants of the palace but all citizens of the Chinese empire.

Routines are proven dopamine killers. But emperors, and heirs to the throne, sometimes could break free.

Dopamine surely is involved in neural reward circuits. But prior to rewards, dopamine is the neurotransmitter of adventure-seeking.

A palace full of concubines that wait for you all life has nothing to do with adventure. Brothels can be more thrilling than harems.

Clips excerpted from : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrFQ4U7ie6Y


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