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This site, https://tongkatali.org, is the main website of Sumatra Pasak Bumi, the world's foremost producer of sexual enhancement herbals.

Whether your concern is better libido, or improved erections, or easier or more powerful orgasms, we are here with the most suited herbal extracts.

Our most important products are tongkat ali (eurycoma longifolia, pasak bumi, collected from forests in Indonesia, Thailand, and Laos), butea superba (from forests in Thailand and Laos), fenugreek from nearby India, velvet beans (mucuna prurieans, cowitch, farmed for us by AAZA Farms, aaza.org, in Thailand, black ginger (kaempferia parviflora, krachai dam), for which, too, AAZA Farms is our main supplier, and fingerroot (ton krachai, grown in Thailland).

While most of our customers are men, we serve women just as happily, and many of our products are unisex.

We are primarily a production company, and most of our trade is wholesale. But we do sell retail, too. And anyway, once a retail buyer has reached an order history of 1000 US dollars, we treat him or her as a wholesale buyer, which means free double quantity on anything ordered. Occasional buyers, however, will find cheaper prices at our resellers.

Shipping is included with retail orders (even when free double quantity applies after an order history of 1000 US dollars or equivalent), but will have to paid in addition to the product for wholesale orders.

Payments for retail orders are easiest to make through PayPal with a credit card. You can also use a money-sending service (discount 10 percent for retail orders), or pay to a bank account (discount 20 percent for retail orders). Wholesale orders can only be paid by bank remittance.

Stacking sexual enhancement herbals

Our sexual enhancement extracts are not pharmaceuticals. They are dietary supplements.

That makes a difference. Pharmaceuticals are mostly xenobiotics. Xenobiotics are substances that do not occur in nature. There is no evolutionary link to humanity.

The opposite of xenobiotics are eobiotics... chemical substances that are part of our ecosystems.

Plant extracts are eobiotics. They are derived from plants that were part of the human habitat for hundreds of thousands of years.

Humans are accustomed to these plants from times predating agriculture. The plants used in our extracts were all tried and consumed as foods, at least occasionally.

Being accustomed to plant chemicals (phytochemicals) is part of the human evolution.

A large number of plant chemicals, unless they are outright poisons, may impact human body function in a subtle way, but there is enough evolutionary familiarity for considerable tolerance.

For many of our herbal extracts, the dosage range can spread from 300 mg per day to 15 grams per day, and for some even 30 grams per day. Nevertheless, initial dosages should always be minimal, and tolerance should only be tested in small steps.

Tolerance means upward allowance. Just as our paleolithic ancestors ingested a wide variety of plants in their diets all day long, modern man can optimize sexual physiology and psychology by consuming different herbals in certain time intervals.

This is what stacking is about.

You may start the day with two capsules, or 1 gram, of tongkat ali extract, a hormonal enhancer. Then, after one or two hours, add 4 capsules, or 2 grams, of mucuna pruriens extract, a dopaminergic. After another two hours, you may swallow 2 capsules, or 1 gram, of krachai dam extract, a herbal impacting vascular constitution.

You may go on with stacking throughout the day, and design your own regimen. Do this for a few days, and you will develop a fine sense which herbal tilts which sexual parameter.

Stacking is a dietary behavior which you can even observe in wild primates. It's not that they have nutrient intake at certain (meal) times during the day. They nibble along all day... bite this leaf, or that fruit, maybe swallowing, maybe spitting. For primates, this builds a profound botanical knowledge.

Primates today, and our paleolithic ancestors were stacking, if only to await a body's reaction to certain pythochemicals selected as food.

It's the same rationale today. By stacking, rather than consuming large amounts at set times once or twice a day, you limit the risk of an unwanted impact, or an overdose, if you are sensitive to one certain pythochemical for which other people have much more tolerance.

Anyway, with a stacking regimen, the quantity taken in at once, is limited, and any negative side effect will be limited, too.

On the other hand, the positive effect of stacking different plant extracts may be outrageously good sex... something much better than could be achieved with average dosages.

SPB high potency extracts

We are under European management, and we are dedicated to quality, and diligent pursuing first rank with anything we do.

Our elite product is Indonesian 1:200 tongkat ali extract which we have been manufacturing for more than two decades. It's superior quality has made it the most widely pirated dietary supplement on the Internet. Just search Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, or Google for tongkat ali, and you will see many dozens of so-called 1:200 tongkat ali extracts.

All fakes.

Except a very few that are ours.

Mind you, it's not the 1:200 figure written on labels that makes for the superiority of a tongkat ali extract, but simply the fact, that it arrives from our factory.

Nobody produces a tongkat ali extract that is as effective as ours, never mind what extraction ratio, or standardization, they claim.

So much for tongkat ali.

But there is more to sexual enhancement than just this herbal. And our extracts are best quality not just in the case of tongkat ali.

To avoid that our more recent butea superba, mucuna pruriens, and fenugreek extracts will suffer the same fate of being drowned in a sea of fake duplicates, we are omitting extract ratios for newer products and instead describe them as "SPB high potency extracts". SPB are the initials of our company name, Sumatra Pasak Bumi.

We hope that this will propagate the message that the sought-after superiority is not in the extract ratio, but embedded in the "SPB" - the plain fact that it has been manufactured by us.

Coffees and teas for superior energy and sexual pleasure

Coffee is a smart drug, no doubt. When you are mentally sluggish, and you have coffee, or a caffeinated drink, you have new energy to go ahead with your task, whether this may be driving a car, or studying for an exam, or being on a night shift as a security guard.

Unfortunately, coffee, or caffeinated drinks, including tea, are not supportive of sexual function. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, an agent that narrows blood vessels. But for male sexual function, especially erectile events, vasodilation is necessary. Caffeine also may impede libido.

Do you have to just accept antisexual side effects, as a trade-in for the priority of caffeine-driven productivity? No, we have a better solution.

SPB produces a number of coffee and tea mixtures that get the best out of coffee, and at the same time counteract the potential negative side effects on sexual parameters.

Because the additions to the coffee or tea would greatly impact the taste (in a negative manner) , our mixtures are encapsulated.

The encapsulated blends are tongkat ali coffee and tea, black ginger coffee and tea, and velvet beans coffee and tea.

Tongkat ali is a well-established testosterone booster, black ginger a vasodilator of the same category as sildenafil citrate, and velvet beans are the world's foremost libido enhancer.

You can use PayPal to make the purchase, using your PayPal account or your credit card.

Tongkat ali coffee
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Tongkat ali green tea
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Tongkat ali cocoa
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Black ginger coffee
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Black ginger green tea
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Black ginger cocoa
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Velvet beans coffee
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Velvet beans green tea
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

Velvet beans cocoa
800 capsules @ 300 mg, $120

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