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(More than 500 articles about tongkat ali and better physical relationships in general)

Wrong priorities you have, if they are anything other than optimal relationships - part 3

By Serge Kreutz

Human life and mating strategies, 2019

With most of my articles, I have addressed a primarily male audience. Even though I have started to edit my work to address more of a female audience, too, the tilt remains. Thus, while in the further paragraphs of this article, males are the addressed audience, many of the assessments also apply to women.

Western men who are in mid-life and depressed usually started out with the wrong priorities. Their priority for many years has been to advance their professional careers, or to run a business and to accumulate wealth. And because all of this requires a high level of social conformity, they have maneuvered their private lives into a cage, albeit a golden one. When you pursue a political career, you can't have parallel relationships relatiinships, or be a bigamist. You can't even visit a prostitute, or watch pornography.

So you ask: and what about Mr. Bill Clinton? A womanizer. I have to laugh. A marriage, and a few affairs left and right (probably all publicly known). Are these all his exploits? I match his lifetime achievements within a few weeks.

Social climbing? The only currency in which we can realistically measure male success is the quantity and quality of relationships relationships, and the satisfaction we get out of them.

The dialectical nature of human biology (and sexuality) brings with it that traditionally, female success is measured with a different stick: her ability to bind an alpha male, and if it can't be an alpha, a beta version will do. However, for truly liberated women, not her capability to bind a male, but the degree to which she achieves optimal relationships experience is what determines her individual success.

Eastern societies, throughout history, have always been more sensible in that a successful man could have as many women, wives, or concubines as he could afford), while in Western (basically European) society, there has, for some 1500 years (of Christianity) always been a clear imperative for monogamous relationships.

And that's the model that sets modern moral standards.

In such a world, men have to make awkward choices. Social climbing, on certain routes, results in fewer, not in more rewards. Just look at the politicians of the Western, democratic world. Who, in his right mind, wants to be the president of a Western European country? Or a television personality? Or, for that matter, in any position which is subject to constant public scrutiny?

My biological parameters, philosophically emphasized, are that I strive to have optimal relationships experience with a considerable number of different partners. For the self-conscious individual of our species, all metaphysical projections beyond one's lifetime don't mean much if they are in conflict with the only thing that really counts: relationships satisfaction (an after that, a gentle death).

If, in the modern Western world, you place the need for optimal relationships experience behind your career, and behind your business, and behind accumulating riches, you stand a good chance to miss out on what really matters.

To be rich, of course, can come in handy. If you know how to exchange riches into relationships satisfaction. And no, I don't mean frequenting nightlife establishments. They'll exchange your riches alright, but not for a satisfying love life. What you'll get from them is just some outrageously overpriced champagne (or orange juice), and relationships that possibly is worse than masturbation.

I have been totally focused all my life on successful mating, and I am aware of the fact that my love life is better than what 99 percent of all men experience. I don't frequent prostitutes, but for many years have had at least one new relationships affair each month.

In my younger years, I primarily had to concern myself with supply questions. What to do to have at least one new relationships relationship per month, or fortnight. I have solved this problem when I moved to Asia, and I believe that many men, whether young or advanced in age, could learn from my experience.

I am now well beyond 60, and over the past decade, I have increasingly faced restrictions to my love life that had nothing to do with supply problems, but with nature throwing handicaps at me.

There is no question that at my age, one's physical and mental ability to experience full relationships satisfaction tends to decline. This has never been acceptable to me, and throughout years of experimenting, I have found ways to counteract this tendency. I can proudly announce that my physical capabilities of lovemaking are as good, or better, than they were 20 or 30 years ago.

I am also proud that my capability to satisfy my partners now is better than it ever was. Some of my girlfriends have carried on with me simply because they are much more likely to achieve an orgasm with me than with anybody else.

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