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A few years ago, Wikipedia was a good source for alternative medicine in general, and sexual enhancement more particularly.

This has changed greatly, for a simple reason: some higher ups in the Wikipedia Foundation are against new ideas and developing medical treatments.

But it's not that they would just write something against new ideas or treatments. No.

They just go and delete what is written. Case closed.

Wikipedia is not democratic. It's knowledge bureaucracy. Only what is fundamentally agreed upon by everybody is allowed to be included.

There cannot be a controversy on topics on Wikipedia because it's so tilted towards knowledge suppression.

Let's say somebody has a revolutionary idea.... like Semmelweis did about doctors washing hands after autopsies and before visiting maternity wards.

If Semmelweis would want to publish his ideas on Wikipedia, for the welfare of child-giving mothers, he would spend 5 days carefully explaining the evidence, then upload his text.

And then a Wikipedia meta (that's how super editors are named there) spends 5 seconds to delete it all. Reason: what Semmelweis wrote is not an established medical idea.

There even is a word for such outright rejection. It's called Semmelweis reflex.

Lack of sexual desire in old age is a severe medical condition. Lack of sexual desire is partially responsible for failing immune systems in aged patients, and as a condition, it typically precedes elderly dementia.

Now tell that some of the knowledge bureaucrats at Wikipedia.

It's not that they just can't recommend an "established" medical treatment. These people are so ignorant that they don't even know that a lack of sexual desire in older people is a health problem that warrants medical attention and pharmacological intervention.

Thus, on such topics, read tongkatali.org instead of Wikipedia.

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