This page is for ordering loose 1:200 and 1:50 extract powder in pouches (not in capsules). The minimum wholesale quantities are 12 kg of 1:200 extract (equivalent to 400 bottles of 100 capsules of 300 mg of 1:200 extract) and 16 kg of 1:50 extract (equivalent to 400 bottles of 100 capsules of 400 mg of 1:50 extract). The price per gram and kilogram of loose extract is the same as the price for the same weight of extract filled into capsules. We do not charge for the empty capsules, and not for the work filling the capsules.

And we prefer resellers to distribute our capsules, rather than filling capsules themselves, as this preempts the expensive tongkat ali extract getting mixed with cheap tribulus.

Every day, we receive inquiries whether the products sold by a distributor, and claimed to have been manufactured by us, are authentic or fakes.

If the distributor sells our products in capsules marked SPB 1:200 or SPB 1:50, we always confirm that the distributor is legitimate.

If the distributor bought bulk loose extract from us, we cannot confirm that what he sells is authentic because we do not know whether it has been blended or stretched.

For distributors who want to sell just tongkat ali extract, there is little reason for buying loose bulk extract. The loose bulk extract is not cheaper than the same product in capsules, and the reseller would have to buy empty capsules himself, and would be burdened with the work of filling capsules.

The prices for bulk 1:200 and 1:50 extracts follow below. Wholesale prices do not include shipping.

1:200 tongkat ali extract

12 kg – 15,600 US dollar

24 kg – 28,080 US dollar

48 kg – 50,544 US dollar

96 kg – 90,979 US dollar

1:50 tongkat ali extract

16 kg – 8,600 US dollar

32 kg – 15,480 US dollar

64 kg – 27,864 US dollar

How prices are computed:

The standard retail price minus 20 percent (which is the price for payments to bank accounts, rather than using a credit card) is the base price on which wholesale prices are calculated.

The basic wholesale price is for 400 bottles, at a discount rate of 75 percent.

From there on, the formula for larger orders is: quantity times 2, price times 1.8.

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