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(More than 500 articles about tongkat ali and better physical relationships in general)

Welcome to a world of better relationships

By Serge Kreutz

Our main site, tongkatali.org, is named after the famous Southeast Asian testosterone booster, but the scope of our concern is much wider. The agenda is better relationships, whatever it takes.

For more than two decades, our agenda has been standing on two legs, relationships function and relationships opportunities. Having relationships is like electricity. Think of relationships function as volt, and relationships opportunities as ampere. For more electric power, you can either increase volt, or you can increase ampere. The result will be equal.

It's the same with having relationships. You can have better relationships by either upgrading your relationships function, with weaker stimuli impacting you to a larger degree. Or you can have better relationships by upgrading your relationships opportunities, supplying stronger or more frequent stimuli.

For a non-controversial example of higher relationships voltage, imagine yourself in a cinema watching a movie. Then there is a kissing scene. When you are a teenager, with a newly awakened relationships drive, this scene may agitate you sexually, and if you are a boy or a man, you may react with an erection. You are under high relationships voltage.

But as you grew older, you became indifferent to such stimuli. If your indifference has progressed all along the way, you may even react indifferently to hardcore porn. This is like low relationships voltage. Your relationships function is no longer optimal.

You may still get it going on occasions, if they come by. For example in a relationships encounter with a new, highly attractive relationships partner with a conduct that is highly seducive. But if your relationships batteries are run down, the amperage of relationships opportunities may not do the trick for long.

Tongkatali.org covers both, relationships function and relationships opportunities.

Improving relationships function is modern shamanism. Proceed to the right pro-relationships nutrition and the right sexuality-enhancing herbal stack, based on tongkat ali and including butea superba, mucuna pruriens, krachai dam, and other herbals, and your relationships function will improve a great deal.

Improving relationships opportunities is market value economics. Proceed to locations where your relationships market value is higher, and know the local rules of relationships engagement, and better relationships opportunities will come by all by themselves.

Because working on relationships opportunities involves other people, while working on relationships function is something you only do to yourself, anything dealing with relationships opportunities, naturally, is more controversial.

The best strategy is to focus on relationships function first, and proceed to relationships opportunities after relationships function has been optimized.


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