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Why tongkatali.org doesn't rank high in Google

The short answer is: because we don’t maintain our website for Google. We maintain it for our customers and potential customers.

Now for more detail:

Because the “artificial intelligence” Google uses cannot judge the relevance of a website, their results are predictably wrong.

The “artificial intelligence” of Google is artificial only, but definitely not intelligent. Google uses an algorithm that reacts on certain parameters, and then gives ranking points.

But positive points based on such parameters actually mean nothing.

Our ompany, PT Sumatra Pasak Bumi, with the website tongkatali.org, is not well integrated with social media. The relevant people in our company feel too mature for that.

We could hire junior staff for that, but on the other hand, Facebook and Co are just a fashion. Communication doesn’t need such platforms. Email and messaging apps are good enough. And an html website for a public presence.

We don’t earn social media points with Google, and no points for a content management system like WordPress, or an e-commerce application like Woo Commerce. We don’t use cookies, and don’t do a newsletter. We also don’t do Google the favor of letting them do automatic translations, and we don’t invite readers to leave Disqus comments which Google could count to establish to what extent we are relevant.

And in spite of the stupid Google algorithm not catching it, we nevertheless are more relevant than those scammers and spammers that Google places on top of its search result pages.

We are relevant because we actually go into the forests and dig out tongkat ali and butea superba, and we manufacture our own products. For an intelligent human reader, we are more relevant than those operations run out of an apartment by people who are experts in massaging Google, not experts in tongkat ali or butea superba.

A human reader with some genuine intelligence can grasp that we are relevant. The idiotic Google algorithm won’t get it, anyway.

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