Tongkat ali seeds for planting

Tongkat ali can be planted in a variety of climates, though there is little frost tolerance.

Tongkat ali is also quite suited for growing indoors, as the treelet prefers no prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.

Seeds should be soaked in water for a few hours, and planted in a mixture of soil and sand. The ground should be wetted every day, but drained.

Tongkat ali seeds are usually slow germinators. Germination can take up to 2 months.

Furthermore, only a small number of seeds will germinate.

We sell tongkat ali seeds in cardboard boards of 50 seeds, as postal letter.

Depending on the customs policies of certain countries, and as a matter of luck or bad luck, our shipments of seeds may arrive directly, or may be held for quarantine, or may even be confiscated.

While for processed extracts, we guarantee arrival, we cannot do this for live seeds. The burden of the risk in this case is on the buyer.

Our standard quantity of tongkat ali seeds is 50 seeds at a price of 96 US dollars, including shipping.

Payment can be by PayPal or to a money-sending service, or to a bank account of ours.

50 seeds – $96

100 seeds – $173

200 seeds – $311

400 seeds – $560


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