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Sexual desire products | How to improve libido

Dosage information for Libido Formula

Libido complex label

WARNING: This product can have profound effects on a good number of people, and some people may even be allergic to it.

We therefore suggest that on the first day, you open one capsule and just use about a tenth or less of the content. It should not be more than what you would use as a pinch of salt on a single fried egg.

Most likely nothing will happen. The purpose of such a small dosage is only to establish that you are not allergic to genuine tongkat ali extract and genuine butea superba extract.

If this pinch-of-salt quantity doesn't make you uncomfortable in any way, you can use a single capsule on the next day.

The pinch-of-salt quantity was to test whether you have a classic allergy.

The first-day single capsule dosage is to check how profoundly you react on our formula.

Some people react strongly on our sexual enhancement formula, and while this is not an allergic reaction in the classic sense, an overly profound reaction can cause discomfort, starting with nausea.

That said, most people won't react that way.

Most people just feel a marked improvement on a few capsules a day, divided into morning and afternoon dosing.

The enhancements are in libido and orgasm, not so much on erectile parameters.

If you have erectile problems, we recommend our krachai dam (kaempferia parviflora) extract which is a mild natural phosphodiesterase inhibitor.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not intended to treat diseases. Most importantly, it should be avoided in neurological disorders like epilepsy or psychoses. It should also not be given to people with Alzheimer's or other dementias as it may make patients with reduced mental capabilities display socially inappropriate sexual agitation such as public masturbation. This product should also be avoided by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

What positive impact to expect: general better motivation, which typically proceeds sexual motivation, is normally one of the first effects. Better motivation is better mood. An approach like "OK, let's get it on".

If you have been sexually sluggish for some time, a restoration of libido for most people happens at a slower pace ..... unless you are one of those approximately 10 percent of users who clock a profound effect.

But even if you are a standard responder, improved sexual motivation will make you more adventurous. Go to a mall, stroll around, and imagine whom you would like to bed.

But be civilized. We do not want our product lead to people breaking up successful marriages just for sexual itches.

More physical effects are typically experienced at higher dosages for which packaging in capsules is awkward. For such regimens we sell loose powder in pouches of 75 grams. A small teaspoon load of extract powder can be mixed into half a glass of orange juice. The taste of the open powder is not pleasant, mostly because of the tongkat ali.

A slight nausea can accompany the intake of higher dosages. The nausea, however, won't usually kill libido. Rather the opposite. A typical high-dosage effect will be a prolongued plateau phase before orgasm.

But please don't use high dosages before having consumed standard dosages for at least a month.

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