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The tongkat ali / butea superba revolution

By Sam Sanare

This is meant literally. It’s not just that butea superba and tongkat ali are revolutionary treatments in that they do what no other pharmaceutical or herbal medication does: which is, to increase the body’s own synthesis of testosterone.

Butea superba and tongkat ali have further implications, and can swing human culture and history in a more sexual direction. To give an example of what pharmacology can do to human history, consider that there is growing consensus among historians that the French Revolution of 1789 was significally propelled by ergot poisoning.

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Ergot is a fungus causing disease in grain. Minimal amounts are poisonous to humans. Consumed by humans in below-fatal quantities, it causes a rather violent kind of mental disturbances, accompanied by hallucinations and hyperactivity.

LSD, of course, is an ergot derivate, and so are the pharmaceuticals bromocriptine and cabergoline. Bromocriptine and cabergoline can also be used for sexual enhancement but this is not the topic of this article.

The theory of the role of ergot in 1789 is that then, not only did many people die of ergot poisoning, but, furthermore, too many people got sub-lethal dosages of the poison, and subsequently went on a rampage: the start of the French Revolution.

St. Anthony’s Fire


But the butea superba / tongkat ali revolution will be something else. Though tongkat ali and butea superba, via increased testosterone, can cause aggressiveness, it’s unlikely that they will make people storm prisons. The predominant effect is that they become much more sexual, even in old age.

I started on the sexual enhancement train in the mid-1990s, when I was in my early 40s and sex just wasn’t anymore what it used to be. Now I am in my 60s, and sex is again, and still, what it was in my 20s.

Actually, sex is now better than it was in my 20s. My potency is almost the same, but I am now sexually much more literate, and this means that I am more in control of when I lose control.

And it’s not phosphodiesterase inhibitors that I credit for this success, though I did use some for a few years. But testosterone-driven erections are far superior to phosphodiesterase inhibitor-engineered erections.

For me, and a good number of other men, Pfizer’s Blue, while indeed having the effect it is prescribed for, also clearly interferes with the quality of orgasms. (This is, by the way, an effect it shares with the old erection boaster yohimbe.)

I am not in the adult film industry. I am also not a stud for hire. I have erections for pleasure… my own pleasure. If I were to have a choice between erections without sexual pleasure, and sexual pleasure without erections, I would go for the latter, as I can have an orgasm without an erection, while without sexual arousal, I will not achieve an orgasm even if I do have an erection.

But actually, thanks to butea superba and tongkat ali, I do not have to choose. I can have it both, or rather, all: the erection, the sexual arousal, and the orgasm, and I can do so every day, for weeks on end.

Typically, I alternate butea superba and tongkat ali after a week of usage of either, sometimes with two totally sober days in between. I never take the two in combination.

If you want testosterone levels above your genetically set levels, it is essential to throw the endocrine system off balance.

An elevated level of any hormone, including testosterone, results in negative feedback. The body adjusts itself to offset what it considers above genetically set level by an antidote mechanism.

In some people, the antidote mechanism as a result of butea superba or tongkat ali-induced elevated testosterone levels overshoots its target. If then the butea superba or tongkat ali is taken off the diet, the antidote synthesis will undershoot. The negative feetback loop will then adjust the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis to produce more testosterone.

If then, the alternating pharmacological agent is added (butea superba or tongkat ali), testosterone levels will again be elevated.

Thus, the key to success with butea superba and tongkat ali is in doing cycles. The effects of such cycles on testosterone is like the effect of hot and cold showers on blood circulation.

So, what effects do butea superba and tongkat ali have precisely?

Well, because of the alternating tongkat ali / butea superba regimen, I could not walk down a city street for a 100 meters without at least once or twice going on a short imagination deviation involving a woman I see along the street.

You know what I imagine!

And the woman doesn’t have to be young or beautiful. She just has to be a woman.

I look at a woman, and I find myself wondering whether she had sex last night. I find myself imagining how she reacts the moment she has a climax. I find myself contemplating what position, and precisely what sexual practice, she probably prefers.

And I go day-dreaming how we would approach each other, and admit to each other that we both need it.

Well, sometimes the ideas that force themselves onto me are more daring, much more daring. And often, whether daring or just standard, my day-dreaming is accompanied by an erection, just as it was when I was in my 20s, or better even, when I was a teenager.

It wasn’t like that before I started with the butea superba / tongkat ali regimen, and for me it’s not like that during a complete off-cycle (when I don’t take either, and turn sexually sluggish).

So, what revolution can butea superba and tongkat ali cause? Put simply, the hope is that when more people are highly sexualized, there will be a groundswell to do away with ever more sexual restrictions.

And not only men, but women too, should go on butea superba / tongkat ali alternating cycles (with lower dosages, though). For testosterone is the hormone of sexual desire, both in men and women. And the tongkat ali revolution will need a majority of people to succeed, male and female.

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