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Home's Indonesian 1:200 Tongkat Ali Grade A Extract, 340 Grams

Price: $424.10 ($1.3 / Ounce)

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Product description

  • Sumatra Pasak Bumi's elite product for more than 20 years.
  • If anyone claims to sell 1:200 and it's not from us, it's not genuine.
  • Our INDONESIAN 1:200 TONGKAT ALI EXTRACT is the product that made our name. SUMATRA PASAK BUMI is the world's foremost sexual enhancement company.
  • If you could afford only CHEAP TONGKAT ALI, it's maybe better not to buy any. The cheap stuff is either ineffective, or outright FAKE.
  • NOMOR DEPKES and lab reports that show that the 1:200 tongkat ali extract of Sumatra Pasak Bumi RAISES TESTOSTERONE -
  • Here is simple MATHEMATICAL PROOF that all those traders on Amazon and elsewhere who sell cheap 200:1 tongkat ali extract are CHEATING THEIR CUSTOMERS. 200:1 is supposed to mean that 200 kg of tongkat ali root are used to manufacture 1 KG OF TONGKAT ALI EXTRACT. Our roots are collected deep in the rain forests of Sumatra, at least 500 km (310 miles) from MEDAN. We have deliveries by trucks, some 3000 kg at a time, and we have loads of photos and videos to prove it. Ask any of those other traders for PHOTOS of trucks of tongkat ali root before you buy anything from them. Next, CALCULATE THIS: 500 km back and forth on miserable roads costs about 200 liters of diesel, the truck for 4 days, people digging the roots for a week, then our factory cooking the roots for several days, and evaporating the liquid. This is a process of at least THREE WEEKS for a yield of about 15 kg. All of this runs into a few thousand dollars. If we calculate just 6000 US dollars for a production run of three weeks, we stand at 400 US dollars per kg. SUMATRA PASAK BUMI sells GRADE A 1:200 TONGKAT ALI EXTRACT at 380 US DOLLARS for 350 grams, including shipping and all kind of trade expenses, plus our profit. Now look at those who retail at 10 to 20 dollars for about 100 grams, or about 100 US dollars per kg. The only way they can possibly just break even is by selling SAWDUST, laced with analogues of what is in blue tabs. And YES, that is what they do.
  • Too look for cheap sexual enhancement is out of proportion. Sexual enhancement is based on a frame of mind that values sexual intensity more than anything else. If sexual enhancement is so valuable as an endeavor, the idea that it should be cheap is a logical fallacy. When shopping for sexual enhancement, you don't economize on quality. You can save money on other purchases, but don't save on sexual intensity.
  • Tongkat Ali extract can change your life but only if consumed in sufficient quantities. Sufficient quantities of a normal tongkat ali extract would be in the range of several grams a day. Thus, we at sell tongkat ali extracts in containers of several hundred grams, or several hundred capsules. For more details, please see our website:
  • By its very nature, sexual enhancement is an elite endeavor. Anyway, there isn't enough tongkat ali in the world for everybody to consume it. And if everybody were highly sexualized, this would disrupt the functioning of societies.

    Product information

    Package dimensions: 10 x 5 x 4 cm; 128 grams

    Shipping weight: 132 grams

    Important information


    Grade A Indonesian 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract


    Indonesian 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract is not a drug. But some people may be allergic to new foods. Thus, first and second day dosages should be minimal.

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