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Combining tongkat ali and butea superba

There are two schools of though, regarding combining tongkat ali and butea superba. But both schools agree on one thing: that taking both is better than just one.

The traditional school prescribes that tongkat ali and butea superba be alternated. Take either of the two for two weeks or so, then switch.

The young turks on the other hand claim that the two should be consumed at the same time as a double punch, eliminating the necessity to cycle. They also claim that the combination is more powerful than either of the two, for testosterone as well as libido.

It is well established that tongkat ali, taken alone as a monotherapy, has to be cycled. This is the case because of the negative feedback loops of the human body’s hormonal system: increased levels of any hormone reliably trigger the hormone’s down-regulation. This is why exogenous testosterone causes testicular shrinkage, for example. When more than enough testosterone comes from the syringe, the Leydig cells don’t produce any at all, and the testicles get atrophied.

Thus, using tongkat ali, one can trick the body into elevated testosterone levels only for a limited period of time. This means that in order to be effectively used, tongkat ali has to be cycled on off on off.

Bodybuilders and men with a busy sexual schedule don’t like off-cycles. They would prefer consistently elevated testosterone levels, bodybuilders for an optimal physique, and those pursuing optimal sex for orgasmic gratification.

The best solution we can come up with for this dilemma is to alternate tongkat ali with butea superba.

Both butea superba and tongkat ali work on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis which regulates testosterone levels, but the pythochemicals of the two plants are structurally so different that familiarization to the one doesn’t carry over to the second.

For supranatural levels of testosterone, it is essential that the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis is off-balance as this is what exerts the desired increased testosterone synthesis.

Contrary to the traditionalists, the young turks claim that a combination of tongkat ali and butea superba throws the hormonal feedback system off balance enough to account for uninterrupted elevated testosterone and libido. They cite a similar multiple-punch-at-once strategy that conquered Aids.

Our company is not a medical research facility. The strength of our enterprise is in sourcing rare herbals in Southeast Asian forests, and to prepare extracts in accordance to established procedures. We leave it to professors and young turks to decide how to best consume tongkat ali and butea superba.

For either strategy, we offer tandem orders of tongkat ali and butea superba at a discount of 10 percent, compared with separate orders for either of the two.

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