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Start reselling

A standard investment to start reselling our products is 2750 US dollars. This would give a reseller 100 bottles of Thai tongkat ali extract or butea superba extract at a discount of 75 percent, compared with official retail prices. A minimal investment would be 1528 dollars, which gives half quantity, 50 bottles of either of the above.

Our wholesale pricing structure allows resellers to combine 4 products: butea superba, Thai tongkat ali, Indonesian tongkat ali, kaempferia parviflora (krachai dam). Details here.

An additional benefit will be a link to a reseller on tongkatali.org. This means that customers are redirected to resellers.

Because Google now greatly modifies search results, depending on the IP address of the user, resellers may easily show up on the first page of search results if the person submitting a query to Google resides nearby.

For example, if somebody searches tongkat ali in Chicago, a reseller in Chicago may show on the first page.

But if the person doing the search is in London, Google will not show the Chicago reseller but rather a distributor in London, or South England.

Thus, anybody who is reselling can expect customers. On the other hand, dominating a market over a wide geographical area has become increasingly difficult.

It's a similar story for Facebook.

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