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Stacking sets

If so far, your experience is only with Pfizer's Blue, you are missing out on superior sexual enhancement, especially in the libido department.

On the other hand, every man is different. The task is to enhance weak aspects of sexuality. To know exactly what kind of enhancement works best for a particular man, there is no other way than try all options once, and determine what works.

There are two possible approaches: either use the products one by one, or use them as a stack, one on top of the other.

The stacking approach is more certain to produce results. One only has to observe at what steps the greatest improvement sets in, and may then emphasize this herbal.

But the other herbals may still be useful to prepare the ground.

Stacking sets are available as:

Stacking set capsules

Stacking set pouches

The suggested stacking sequence is: Mucuna pruriens extract, Tongkat ali extract, Fenugreek extract, Butea superba extract, Krachai dam extract, Ton krachai extract.

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Compared to the price using PayPal (which charges us a lot) there is a 20 percent discount when sending payment to a bank account (Indonesia, Thailand, Hongkong, Germany) and a 10 percent discount when using a money-sending service, Bitcoin and other cryptos, or a wallet payment system that operates worldwide. It's easy to use wallets, so if you use one already, tell us which, and we will also sign up.

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Once you have ordered from us for 1000 US dollars, you receive free double quantity on subsequent deliveries for whatever you order.

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