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Is Sumatra Pasak Bumi expensive?

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If you look at our standard prices, it may seem so. But these standard prices are for shipping to occasional customers in out of the way locations.

If you can make use of all options to reduce prices, we all of a sudden are very economical.

First of all, look out for stock which we have available locally in your country or the EU. Locally available stock is already 30 to 40 percent cheaper. Thus 300 USD become about 190 USD.

Next, aim to be a Sumatra Pasak Bumi Prime customer. We value customer loyalty. Thus, a customer who has purchased from us directly for 1000 USD or more becomes a Prime customer and automatically obtains free double quantity on anything he or she purchases. Free double quantity is like a 50 percent discount. Thus 190 USD become 95 USD.

And a further 20 percent discount is possible if you pay to a bank account (a good option in Europe where bank remittances are very cheap). So, the rest from 300 USD is about 75 USD, or a discount of 75 percent on full prices.

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