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Being sick... go and see a doc! See us if unsatisfied

So we are selling herbal remedies. They were the only treatments for illnesses for millenia of human evolution and history.

But modern science-based pharmacology is superior to herbalism. Pharmaceutical drugs can ameliorate and even heal many medical conditions.

And to make good use of the medical knowledge mankind has accumulated, go and see a physician to have your ailment medicated.

So, will we close shop? After all, our enterprise sells herbal remedies.

No, we won't.

Because you can't go to a medical clinic and say: Hey doc, I need better sex. Hey doc, why am I no longer horny as I used to be? Hey doc, give me a pill for better orgasms.

Maybe the doc will write you a prescription for Viagra. But that doesn't solve the problem. Your erections would just be fine if you could generate enough sexual interest.

If you explain this, your doc will likely send you to a shrink. Too many other patients queueing, no time to attend such issues.

OK, the conventional shrink has more time for you. But if you make a fuss there, and demand a treatment for low libido, the shrink may send you to a psychiatrist, and then you are halfway institutionalized in a mental hospital.

So, if you want sex like it was in your twenties, neither the doc, nor the shrink, nor the psychiatrist, nor the insane asylum can provide a solution.

We can, with our sexual enhancement products, or at least we can try. They work for many people, and for some, they are a game changer, a new life, full of sex, and meaning.

If you are new to sexual enhancement you may want to obtain our trial set, which introduces you to all different sexual enhancement products we distribute.

See here for details.

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