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Sexual stimulation and release is what gives your life meaning

By Serge Kreutz

You can turn it any way you want it. You won't find a better answer on why you should continue to be alive.

You are going to die anyway. And you'll be lucky if it won't be a shitty death.

Shitty ways to die are numerous. Being killed by other humans in a cruel manner, especially.

Being burned alive is pretty cruel. The Islamic State (IS) does that with captured pilots. And in Indonesia, a country famous for tongkat ali, so-called mob justice is extremely common. Mobs in Indonesia often set fire on men accused of any petty transgression. Women never run such a risk. (So much for gender justice.)

If I were to talk comprehensively about the possibly shitty deaths that you and I could suffer, I would never get to write about any more uplifting topics.

So why am I not just concentrating on constructing the most pleasant death for myself (blowing up my brain)?

Because there still is one thing, just one, that I consider worthwhile to be alive for: being lost in endless sexual desire, exploding in orgasms, and sinking into bottomless relaxation.

I know what this feels like. I always remember the few times that I had the best sex in my life.

It's not always like that. Usually, it's just so-so. Sometimes it's the fault of the woman. But I realize that ultimately, it's in my brain.

Sometimes, I think, give it to me one more time, the best sex ever, and then I am ready to go forever. Let me die next to a suicide bomber, that would be quick. But I opt against being burned alive, to put it mildly.

So, what can I do to turn normal sexual into mind-blowing sexual?

There aren't many options. Viagra doesn't do it. Mind-blowing sexual is in the brain, not in the genitals.

So, now you have the answer to the question Why tongkat ali? Why butea superba? And why, even better, a combination of both?

How do you defend yourself against the cruelty of a world that also affords orgasmic pleasure that is a good reason for not committing suicide.

The answer is: with sarcastic philosophy.

Here is why our sarcastic perspective is way superior to philosophical pessimism.

Philosophical pessimists consider all efforts in life futile. At the end of the day, they say, life is a failure (because death, usually in agony, cannot be avoided). And before death, life is mostly suffering, so they argue.

We, with a sarcastic perspective, answer: Yes, maybe, but let's forget the pessimistic truth for a moment, and have some sex. Ultimately, every life is a failure. So why bother. At least sex feels good. Of that, we are pretty sure. Never mind the philosophers.

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