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Serge Kreutz' Blog

2020 06 05, 14:00

I, Serge Kreutz, have accepted the invitation of Sumatra Pasak Bumi to write a blog on This is not just a blog advertising products of Sumatra Pasak Bumi. The scope is much wider.

2020 06 06, 13:00

My concern is optimal sex. I also care about optimal health because normally, optimal sex requires optimal health.

Optimal health isn't so much a matter of what you do. It's much more a matter of what you avoid. Health is mostly about what you put or don't put into your body. Exercise can't save you from the damage of wrong nutrition.

I avoid alcohol and tobacco. I avoid fish (mercury), commercial bakery (transfats, milk powder = oxidized cholesterol, baking powder = laxative). The list is long.

2020 06 06, 21:00

I know how good sex feels. I am fast approaching age 70, and I have good sex all the time... every day or every second or third day. No erection problems, and no worries about whether I will come. I will orgasm for sure, and for sure it feels good.

I do not know how normal this is. Many of my same-age friends of many decades apparently have given up on sex altogether.

2020 06 07, 18:00

I know how good sex feels. But apart from that, I also know how optimal sex feels. Unfortunately, even for me, optimal sex is only sometimes.

Optimal sex has nothing to do with performance. Actually, I don't care about performance.

Here is what I consider optimal sex: I lie next to a woman. I am totally tense with desire. From the moment I just touch her leg with my hand, it would require just some 5 seconds of slowly pressing my genitals, and off I shoot. Deep breathing, total relaxation.

2020 06 08, 14:00

This is not premature ejeculation. I don't have to press my genitals 5 seconds. I can stop after 2 seconds, and wait a minute, and again press 2 seconds. I will not shoot off if I don't let go. And this can go on for half an hour. Eventually, of course, I will climax.

I can have optimal sex with minimal interaction, and I can have optimal sex proceeding to full intercourse. Optimal sex doesn't depend on the degree of sexual interaction. Optimal sex is a state of my mind. It depends on how conditioned I am.

This doesn't mean the woman wouldn't be important. She is very important. But for optimal sex, it's not so much what she does or doesn't do (this is important, to some degree, for good sex). Optimal sex depends on how stimulated I am from her being next to me in a sexual setting.

2020 06 09, 17:00

Up to an age of about 35, I had optimal sex more frequently. Not often, maybe 3 to 5 times per year. But some of my best episodes of optimal sex were in my 40s, and they were pharmacologically induced.

Optimal sex, and even just good sex, are functions of my own brain chemistry, and optimal, or just good sex, can be engineered by chemical interference with our minds. But! Ideal drugs so far do not exist. Nevertheless, even pharmacological agents that aren't ideal can go a long way. If you know how to go about it.

2020 06 10, 7:30

The first sexual enhancement I regularly used was yohimbe. That was in the early 1990s. It was a powerful product, purchased in Singapore from under the table of a pharmacy. I took half a capsule, and reacted with heart palpitations, and a strong reaction.

I still use yohimbe sometimes, though seldomly, and I use only minimal dosages, taken in the morning within one hour after getting up. I can't sleep on yohimbe for some 16 hours.

Yohimbe is messy, not only because of the agitation it causes all day. It also enhances bowel movement, until there is a nothing to move, and urges for bowel movement are unhygienic in sexual situations.

2020 06 11, 8:30

But the main drawback of yohimbe is its effect on orgasms.

Yohimbe is an alpha 2-adrenegic receptor blocker. I reduces the effect of the hormone adrenaline in the pelvis. This unbound adrenaline then floats in blood plasma, causing sympathetic stimulation throughout the body.

The reduced amount of adrenaline in the pelvis allows the parasympathetic nervous system to rule the pelvis. Erections are parasympathetic events, so they are easy on yohimbe.

2020 06 12, 14:30

But orgasms are events controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. And, because yohimbe represses the sympathetic nervous system in the pelvis, orgasms on yohimbe are always weak.

This is disappointing because yohimbe often causes an interesting sensation just before ejaculation: an intense tickle along the spinal cord. The weak orgasm thereafter is really disappointing.

2020 06 13, 18:30

I have naturally high testosterone levels. I know because I am daring, bossy, and an aggressive person. I was in many situations in which I almost lost my life at the hand of other men. But I am never aggressive in sexual sexual. I can control myself, because aggression in sexual sexual spells trouble.

Conventional wisdom is that low testosterone kills sexual desire. That is why violent sexual offenders are castrated, surgically or chemically.

But reverse logic doesn't seem to work. While chemical testosterone inhibition reliably diminishes sexuality, just supplying external testosterone does not reliably raise sexuaI desire or improve sexual function. I tried Andriol, methyltestosterone, and clomiphene. I feel nothing from those, even after days of generous dosing. I don't feel more sexual, and I don't even feel more aggressive than would be normal for me.

2020 06 14, 16:30

But I know that Andriol elevates testosterone. I once knew a woman who, as a test, consumed one Andriol capsule. She wasn't extra horny after the Andriol kicked in. But she became so aggressive that I fled the scene.

Thus, there must be something else to testosterone to improve sexuality, and it may well be along the body's synthesis of testosterone, rather than the final product.

2020 06 15, 19:30

I no longer experiment with medications that raise testosterone. But on the other hand, I do not store drinking water in plastic bottles, or drink or eat from plastic dishes.

I may not be a candidate for pharmaceutical testosterone boosters, but most certainly, I also don't want environmental disrupters like bisphenol A or other plastics mess with my hormonal health by mimicking estrogens.

2020 06 16, 15:30

There is a story today on CNN, reporting that young Americans have less sex than ever.

The only sensible explanation is that ever more Americans suffer from wrong biochemistry. Nutrition is biochemistry. And sexual desire, sexual agitation, and sexual function are all primarily biochemistry.

2020 06 16, 21:30

You can be of poor health, and even down with Covid. But if your brain biochemistry is tuned for sexual desire, you can have pronounced libido and blasting orgasms nevertheless. Even if your vascular biochemistry isn't so great.

Understand yourself as a biochemical soup in which certain hormones and neurotransmitters are responsible for your sexual experience. And chemical substances in or added to your diet interfere with these hormones and neurotransmitters.

This is tragic. Because even though other aspects of your biochemical stew are more directly related to keeping the pot alive (oxidation for example, or thermoregulation), your sexuality runs much deeper. It gives your life motivation, and meaning. You may as well say: your sexuality is your soul.

2020 06 17, 8:30

You can mend your biochemistry with hormonal kickstarters like tongkat ali or butea superba, and dopaminergic pharmaceuticals, including the herbal mucuna pruriens, but most of all, avoid messing up your hormonal balances in the first place.

Control your dietary intake. There is so much chemical shit in the products on the shelves of supermarkets.

And be careful with the plants you eat. Because many of those fancy unique chemicals which are specific to this or that species, in reality are chemical weapons (antifeedants). Maybe they protect humans against cancers or do good for those with diabetes, but you, or scientists, don't have a complete picture on what else they do.

For me, more than anything, it is important that plants in my diet don't interfere with androgenic hormones. Because I enjoy that anytime during the day when I am alone, I can lie down and indulge in sexual fantasies for half an hour, or even an hour.

And obviously, I have good sex several times a week. That counts, nothing else.

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