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Noni extract, 400 capsules @ 300 mg, $240

Noni extract, 800 capsules @ 300 mg, $432

Noni extract, 1600 capsules @ 300 mg, $776

Other payment options

Compared to the price using PayPal (which charges us a lot) there is a 20 percent discount when sending payment to a bank account (Indonesia, Thailand, Germany). Remittance charges would have to be paid by the sender. If sending from the US, please use for the remittance, which is much cheaper than sending from a bank.

There is a 10 percent discount when using a money-sending service, Bitcoin and other cryptos, or a wallet payment system that operates worldwide. It's easy to use wallets, so if you use one already, tell us which, and we will also sign up.

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Double quantity

Once you have ordered from us for 1000 US dollars, you receive free double quantity on subsequent deliveries for whatever you order.

Our products are not medicines. They are not intended to treat or prevent diseases. If you are sick, see a physician. Our products are dietary supplements. Some people believe that a fish diet is good for the brain. We doubt it, for good reason. Our products are dietary supplements for better sex. Bad sex is not a disease. But it's a fundamental, philosophical deficiency in life. You need better sex. We can help.

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