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If you do herbal sexual enhancement to feel a difference, the low dosages typical for supplements won't get you very far. You will either have to go for larger dosages, or, better, stack related herbals.

Either way, for many people going all out for better sex can lead to a noticeable economic impact. On the other hand, nothing else can provide as much meaning in life as can optimal sex.

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Home's Nigella Sativa Seed, 90 grams (3.17 oz)

Price: $34 (10.65 / Ounce)

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Product description

  •'s Nigella Sativa Seed, 90 grams (3.17 oz)
  • SEXUAL INTENSITY strengthens your body and your mind. Sexual enhancement is your best bet to reach AGE 100.
  • BETTER SEX takes more than an occasional low dose of something to swallow. Better sex requires a certain degree of DEDICATION, even to the herbal side of it. And the typical low doses are just GIMMICKRY of established companies that want to avoid that you FEEL something because they are afraid you could feel something unwanted over which they could be SUED.
  • Introduction to Welcome to a world of better sex -
  • To read all Sumatra Pasak Bumi / PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS, please search Amazon for SUMATRA PASAK BUMI.
  • To learn about Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin), please search for: nigella sativa fertility
  • Please read our articles on to appreciate that Sumatra Pasak Bumi is more than just a trader of herbals. Sumatra Pasak Bumi is an ideology based on the presumption that sexual intensity is the only human endeavor worth living for. Furthermore, this ideology recognizes that our minds are a chemical stew that is susceptible to modification through phytochemicals. And NO, this doesn't have to be as radical as opium. Ours is the Sexual Side of Herbalism.
  • Too look for cheap sexual enhancement is out of proportion. Sexual enhancement is based on a frame of mind that values sexual intensity more than anything else. If sexual enhancement is so valuable as an endeavor, the idea that it should be cheap is a logical fallacy. When shopping for sexual enhancement, you don't economize on quality. You can save money on other purchases, but don't save on sexual intensity.
  • Sumatra Pasak Bumi ( only uses two channels to communicate with customers and followers: our websites, mostly, and Amazon. We don't play influencer games on Twitter or YouTube, and don't share our daily activities on Rucki Zucki's networks. Actually, any philosophy of better sex, if pursued by its proponents, requires a fair degree of clandestineness, just as its topic, intimacy, does.
  • Get Real And Get Out. Western societies often press citizens into standard role models that allow a sexualized life-style in one's youth only. But optimal sex, aided by an appropriate herbal stack, is the most meaningful, sense-giving course of life at any age... until death, actually.

    Product information

    Package dimensions: 10 x 5 x 4 cm; 78 grams

    Shipping weight: 82 grams

    Important information


    Nigella Sativa Seed extract


    Nigella Sativa Seed is not a drug. But some people may be allergic to new foods. Thus, first and second day dosages should be minimal.

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