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And "Global Healing Center". As if less wouldn't be enough. Clearly, Edward is out to save humanity (and make money from questionable supplements while on his mission).

But he isn't alone with a pathological need for titles and grandiosity.

Wow, three degrees, a Masters in molecular biology, and degrees in business and medical sciences (that must be more than simply a degree in medicine, as held by any MD). And then he designates himself CEO, even though there is no indication of a company, or company premises, or personnel other than his girlfriend and gym buddy.

Ah, got it. Total Men Optimization.

Edward claims to heal the globe with the detox products that can be purchased from him.

Let's have a look at Fran's magics.

Fran wants to optimize men with maca and a product he pretends is 1:200 tongkat ali extract, plus ... his very own MASTURBATION technique.

He teaches masturbation with the following tricks:

"... let's look at the right way and the wrong way of playing solo... If done right, masturbation is a great tool to boost up your sexuality..."

"... The dos and don'ts of masturbation. There is no "standard" frequency that fits all men. Some individuals like to masturbate often and others don't... On the other hand, you can masturbate as often as you want without ejaculating too often... Masturbation technique... However, certain masturbation techniques can lead to erectile dysfunction. For example if the masturbation is done with very rapid movement and/or great pressure and friction, it can cause what experts call "retarded ejaculations..."

"... Masturbating for great sexual health... can increase your testosterone levels, specially when combined with ejaculation edging. I could probably make another post just on this, but in a nutshell if you masturbate until you are close to climax then stop, and repeat several times, your testosterone levels will build up significantly."

Fran writes that "the penis is just another muscle in your body that needs to have regular activity."

The original URL of the above quotes was:

The page was later moved, but printscreens are here.

Fran claims a Masters degree in molecular biology from the University of Uppsala and a degree in medical sciences from Karolinska University, and then he doesn't even know that the penis (physiology explained here) is not a muscle?


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