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hi its T. question does your tongat ali contain mercury


Dear Mr. T,

thank you for being in contact with us.

We are glad you are concerned about mercury. So are we.

Please see attached certificate of analysis from the Indonesian government.

This lab test was a prerequisite for our products to receive a government license.

The test included mercury. The chemical symbol for mercury is Hg.

On the certificate, it is in line 3.

It shows that no mercury was detected at all. The test set used had a sensitivity of 0.004 ppm.

Converting ppm into mg, the test sensitivity would have been 0.0004 mg per 100 grams, but even such minimal traces could not be found.

Please note that fish in human consumption often contains 0.5 ppm mercury which is more than 100 times the sensitivity of the test used for our tongkat ali.

Furthermore, fish is typically consumed in quantities of several hundred grams per serving, while the dosage of tongkat ali extract is measured in grams.

And then, the mercury in fish would be in an organic form (methyl mercury) which is much more dangerous than anorganic mercury.

You can assume that you ingest many thousands or ten thousands or hundred thousands of times more mercury from other sources like your drinking water, or fish, if you do eat any, than you would from tongkat ali extract

Best regards,

Ben Guradal

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