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Being sick... go and see a doc! See us if unsatisfied

Lacing meals with sexual enhancement drugs like butea superba and krachai dam

SPB male libido stack

Your life is getting worse. Improve it with Southeast Asian herbals

Powerful testosterone boosters can have profound effects on some individuals

Your wife can climax. Take my word for it


Malefront is about male sexual success through biological engineering and social engineering

Sexual stimulation and release is what gives your life meaning

I know that you need daily orgasms, not just for pleasure, but for health, and for meaning in life

For me neurochemistry is superior philosophy, and drugs are the key to paradise

Southeast Asia is the best part of planet earth and human society

A quality death is unlikely, and we can't help, but we can help you with a quality life

The structure of human needs

Engineering happiness

Better alive or dead?

Making sense

Sexual motivation in roundworms and humans

Sexual desire as essence of life

Life is reproductive behavior and its logistics

Emotions are just biochemistry


What is your virginity?

Apakah itu Keperawanan Anda? (What is your virginity?)


Mucuna pruriens extract is about the only supplement for sexual desire

Good sex like crazy

Mucuna pruriens lowers prolactin. That's great for better sex!

Prolactin anti-sex depression hormone, and the L-dopa, mucuna pruriens antidote

Why mucuna pruriens is better than synthetic levodopa

Why mucuna pruriens has less side effects than synthetic levodopa

Dopamine enhancement with mucuna pruriens and other dopaminergics

Scientific proof for the libido effect of L-dopa (mucuna pruriens)

Mucuna pruriens (velvet beans, cow-itch) effectiveness variations

Mucuna pruriens combats high prolactin

Mucuna pruriens improves fertility

Mucuna pruriens reduces stress and improves the quality of semen in infertile men

L-dopa (Mucuna pruriens) causing extreme libido, psychiatrists report

Great or wrong? Mucuna pruriens can enable sexual satisfaction from viewing porn

Dosage information for Libido Formula


All human behavior is mating-driving, drive it with butea superba and tongkat ali

The ideal drug hasn't been found yet, but nothing gets you closer than a tongkat ali / butea superba combination

Divine sex with tongkat ali and butea superba

What is the difference between tongkat ali and butea superba?

You will find that tongkat ali and butea superba combined is much stronger than each by itself

I can help you to improve your sex life and your physique with tongkat ali and butea superba

Why you need the butea superba / tongkat ali Libido Formula

Butea superba and tongkat ali to increase libido

Butea superba, tongkat ali, and how to return optimism to your life

Combining tongkat ali and butea superba

Tongkat ali and butea superba (red kwao kruea) to enhance testosterone and sexuality

Scientific studies on tongkat ali and butea superba (red kwao krua)


What is a butea superba penis?

Butea superba and a sense of sexual accomplishment

Butea superba and sexual meditation

You can improve your sexual motivation with butea superba

Why butea superba is at the core of successful male lives

You should try Thai butea superba for superb sex. It works for me

Butea superba and sexual confidence

How does butea superba increase penis size?

Deep libido and prolonged orgasm with butea superba

Dosage advice for butea superba extract powder

Butea superba and compulsive sexual behavior

Butea superba, the best studied herbal aphrodisiac

Butea superba powder or butea superba extract

Butea superba and your sex life as you get older

Butea superba and brain health

Does butea superba cause hair loss?

Butea superba in sports doping

Butea superba root collection in a Thai forest

How butea superba can help you to have great sex until old age

How butea superba can improve your performance in sports

Here you can see photos how butea superba tubers are digged out in a forest

What dosage of butea superba extract can or should you consume?

How do you feel after taking butea superba

Is butea superba safe for you?

The toxicology of Butea superba, Roxb.

What can you use butea superba for?


Why Sumatra Pasak Bumi does not standardize tongkat ali, and avoids corresponding claims

Free tongkat ali, and we teach you how to make 1:200 extract

The size of tongkat ali roots

Tongkat ali strength and mildness

Is tongkat ali available in the US?

Certificate of Analysis

Tongkat ali and heavy metals

Botanical documentation

Tongkat ali seeds for planting

Tongkat ali scientific research

Tongkat ali expedition in Indonesia

The tongkat ali revolution


Krachai dam (kaempferia parviflora) - the only scientific solution for a larger penis

Of course a larger penis can be engineered

Scientific studies that show that krachai dam (Kaempferia parviflora) is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor

Aphrodisiac Activity of Kaempferia Parviflora

You are looking for something better than saw palmetto

Sexual enhancement and penis size

Science, phosphodiesterase, erectile ease, and a larger penis

Tale of two krachais

Kaempferia parviflora (krachai dam) for sexual prowess and sports

Kaempferia parviflora, a plant used in traditional medicine to enhance sexual performance contains large amounts of low affinity PDE5 inhibitors

Kaempferia parviflora ethanolic extract promoted nitric oxide production in human umbilical vein endothelial cells


Durian addiction and optimal health

How to eat durian flakes

Durian for sexual enhancement and an active long life

Durian flakes, the ultimate gourmet experience

Durian for superior health

Durian addiction and optimal health

Wholesale durian and durian products

How to choose a durian

Penang, Malaysia, and other places where to eat the best durians

Durians in Thailand

Transplantation of Durian abroad

Käsefrucht Durian

Wie man sich eine Durian aussucht

Nutritional value of the durian


Who is Sumatra Pasak Bumi?

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Undang-undang Republik Indonesia Nomor 14 Tahun 1992 tentang Lalu Lintas dan Angkutan Jalan

Kitab Undang-undang Hukum Perdata (Civil Code)


Chlamydien, Tripper, Syphilis


Das wichtigste ist großartiger Sex

Worum es bei Butea Superba geht

Die Pflanze für einen größeren Penis und bessere Erektionen

Sind Männer über 40 alte Säcke?

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