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Free double retail quantity after purchasing for 1000 USD

For more than 20 years, our company has been the world’s foremost tongkat ali distributor, and unlike some web spammers who have made it into top Google rankings, we have ample photographic evidence that we are a real sourcing and production company. But this doesn’t stop some spam-and-scam operations to claim themselves that they are the world’s foremost tongkat ali source, and that they would distribute the absolutely best quality. They sell some undistinct material and claim it to be tongkat ali 1:200 (our most popular, digestion-friendly extract that we sold at a higher price than our strongest 1:50 extract), and they claim standardization, high-tech testing, GMP, and all kind of quality control. A bunch of lies, they sell, riding on a reputation established by Sumatra Pasak Bumi. Many of them actually, at one time, were distributors of our products, but then calculated that they could make more money selling Chinese bootleg fakes, often to a customer base established with our products.

Our company has always done some retail, but our focus was and is wholesale. To reward those retail customers who bought directly from us in spite of undiscounted retail prices, we have, for more than 10 years, offered free double quantity to those retail customers with a previous order history of more than 1000 US dollars.

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