There are dozens of people selling tongkat ali in the USA, through their own websites or on platforms like Amazon and Ebay. Some large vitamin marketing companies also sell it. But buyer beware. Many of the products are ineffective or outright fakes. The best strategy is to look for a company based in Southeast Asia, with established distributors in the USA.

A crime never punished – selling fake tongkat ali on eBay or websites

It is really amazing how easily people can be fooled on eBay. One of the latest scams is that petty criminals sell alleged tongkat ali extract over the Internet, especially via eBay.

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Fake Amazon tongkat ali and Google-ranking scammers

On the tongkat ali market, you have it all: scams, quackery, bogus science, dummy products, and gimmickry. What is hard to come by is evidence-based, audited tongkat ali, backed by public health authorities and therefore government-approved.
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Price comparison genuine – phony tongkat ali extract

Our company, UD Sumatra Pasak Bumi in Medan, Indonesia, developed the tongkat ali 1:50 and 1:200 extract. After they gained popularity, a great number of fakes appeared on the market.

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