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Durian seeds

Durian for superior health

Eating techniques, or how to improve dopamine-driven sexual function and lose weight by consuming more food


Durian Seeds

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If you do herbal sexual enhancement to feel a difference, the low dosages typical for supplements won't get you very far. You will either have to go for larger dosages, or, better, stack related herbals.

Either way, for many people going all out for better sex can lead to a noticeable economic impact. On the other hand, nothing else can provide as much meaning in life as can optimal sex.

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By Serge Kreutz

Durians are the best tasting and most healthy food on earth.

It's as simple as this.

Durians have the most balanced nutritional profile of any fruit or plant. Apart from the vitamins found in any other fruit, too, such as vitamin C, durians also pack the full range of B vitamins which usually are associated with animal-derived diets only.

Thus, durians are almost a must for vegetarians, especially if they are sexually active.

Of course, durians are nutritious. Any human could live for decades on just one durian a day.

Yes, durians contain more fat than the average fruit. But there is no cholesterol. Actually, cholesterol is a fat only present in animal sources of nutrition, never in any plant.

But the fats in durian are monounsaturated. That is the healthiest fat you could possibly eat. It protects against heart attacks and strokes.

And then: every gram of durian releases more antioxidants than a gram of any other fruit, and, for that matter, a gram of any other food. Thus, durian has the power to help in life extension.

The only crux with durians is that they aren't available everywhere, and even where they are available, the availability is highly seasonal. This is why Sumatra Pasak Bumi, an Indonesian company active throughout Southeast Asia has come up with a product they call durian flakes. Durian flakes are raisin-sized bits of desiccated durian flesh which can be stored for many months, and shipped throughout the world.

Eating techniques, or how to improve dopamine-driven sexual function and lose weight by consuming more food.

By Serge Kreutz

The Serge Kreutz diet addresses 2 concerns:

1. Maintaining a healthy and aesthetic weight

2. Releasing dopamine to get more pleasure out of life, and especially out of sex

This article focuses on weight management.

If we manage a problem in a clever manner, we can say that we have an appropriate technique for solving it.

If the appropriate technique involves machinery, then it becomes technical.

And if the technical solution is a complex system, then we speak of technology.

If the problem is obesity, whether on an individual or national scale, then it is obvious that those obese people and their governments do not have a solution, neither a technique, nor an appropriate technical application, and no successful technology for tackling the problem.

On an individual scale, what would I call people who cannot manage some basic functions of their lives, such as a body of healthy and aesthetic weight?

The opposite of smart.

Some people try a hightech approach. Liposuction. Tummy tuck. Surgical reduction of stomach size and colon length, a gastric bypass operation.

All nonsense, haha. For what go hightech if a simple technique is available that is much more efficient?

That simple technique is kreutzing food.

Kreutzing food means: you differentiate between food that you consume for its taste, and food you consume for digestion.

Your stomach is not a trash can. Food that you put into your mouth because you love the taste, may not be good for your health (even if only because it makes you fat). So, after having chewed it, discard the bolus not into your esophagus but a plastic bag.

Then just drink plain water.

It’s a behavioral gastric bypass. The Serge Kreutz eating technique. The Serge Kreutz food philosophy.

So simple, and so efficient.

I have written many articles where I have elaborated on this eating technique. What kind of foods are best suited for kreutzing, and the difference between kreutzing for weight loss and kreutzing for optimal gourmet pleasure. But the basics can be explained in one short sentence: Spit it, don’t shit it.

You will achieve ideal weight. Your weight will not come back. Guaranteed.

The kreutzing knowledge is all you need. No appetite suppressant, no liposuction. No tummy tuck. No gastric bypass.

Not even self-discipline in denying yourself all delicacies.

Only the kreutzing technique.

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