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Butea superba, tongkat ali, and how to return optimism to your life

By Sam Sanare

It's easy to be optimistic when you are young.

When we were children, we always were optimistic. We were sure we had a great future.

When we were teenagers, anything went.

In our 20s, we felt on top of the world. The future was ours, and we were excited.

In our 30s, we experienced the onset of maturity. We knew we were better at many things then either those younger, or those older.

In our 40s, midlife crisis. A sense that we are beyond our zenith in many things, not just physical attractiveness, or physical strength.

So now what?

Resign to one's fate? Turn to alcohol or drugs. I can understand such choices. Going to die anyway, so at least let's feel good and easy (as long as those substances still elevate our feeling).

No my cup of coffee, though.

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Staff checking on butea superba flowers

Of course, I also think: Going to die anyway. Let's have some fun as long as I can.

But for me, no drug or alcohol can match the kick I get out of having sex, being engulfed in desire, exploding in an orgasm, and relaxing into the deep void.

For me, optimism is just another word for a realistic expectation that there will still be great sex on the road ahead.

But how to feed such confidence?

First of all there has to be sexual desire.

Now, from numerous communications with people during midlife crisis and beyond, I know that sexual desire is not guaranteed to be there as it was in our teens and twenties.

It is a step in the right direction that there is so much porn on the Internet. This overall elevates sexual desire, and gives people a sense in their lives.

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