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Free website for resellers

If you want to resell, we set up a web page for you. This means, we register a domain in your name, with your email address, and use the design template from tongkatali.org. Your website will look similar to tongkatali.org. We can even write a short introductory text for you, about 100 words (English only) and put up your pricelist. We can also set up PayPal for you.

This trade system will work wherever your location, and whatever your language. It will work because Google localizes search results.

For example, if you are in Houston, Texas, and your website is named houston-tongkatali.com, and there is a Houston address and phone number, then anybody searching for tongkat ali in or around Houston will likely see your webpage in a prominent display. Somebody in Chicago won't see it.

There will also be a link to your site on tongkatali.org.

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