This is a genuine offer. We provide 700 grams of Indonesian tongkat ali root chips free of charge. You just pay the shipping costs.

And after the roots have arrived, we tell how to make your own 1:200 extract.

The tongkat ali market is totally dominated by fakes. Our estimate is that 99 percent of all trade in alleged tongkat ali is in fakes.

We cannot compete with sellers of tongkat ali root powder, and not with those who pack soy flower into capsules and write tongkat ali on bottles.

It’s almost unbelievable how easy people believe tongkat ali scammers.​ No claim is outlandish enough to not be used by scammers.

With our offer of free tongkat ali roots we will hopefully reach the tiny minority of health conscious people who don’t first swallow the lies of scammers, and then the fake pills, too.

The market for genuine tongkat ali is a narrow niche. And it’s our place in a business world in which average stupid consumers buy just anything if only it’s cheap.