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Fake Amazon tongkat ali and Google-ranking scammers

On the tongkat ali market, you have it all: scams, quackery, bogus science, dummy products, and gimmickry. What is hard to come by is evidence-based, audited tongkat ali, backed by public health authorities and therefore government-approved.

Caverflo – another death caused by fake tongkat ali shipped from Singapore

Scams are the most dangerous scheme. Scammers sell fakes which in reality are contaminated junk from kitchen labs, forge documents, fabricate their own reviews, steal content from other sites, and tell a lie in every sentence. As of March 2017, the latest scam is a totally unfounded claim that a certain tongkat ali is standardized for eurycomanone. One dubious site started with 2 percent, the next one claimed 4 percent, and then 8 percent were advertised. It’s predictable that soon somebody will sell a tongkat ali extract that is 110 percent eurycomanone, manufactuted in a joint venture of Pfizer, Nestle, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and of course the NASA. Be a bit smart, don’t believe bullshit, and demand proper proof. Other scams are covered extensively further down in this review.

The tell-tale sign of quackery are formulated products that mix tongkat ali with other ingredients, typically advertised with esoteric vocabulary. These products are easy to identify and easy to avoid.

Bogus science refers to non-applicable academic processes and terminology, or invents its own (eurypeptides) in order to impress site visitors. Bogus science is con artistry, often crafted by scammers.

Dummy products are tongkat ali somehow, but not functional. This applies to all root powders in capsules, as well as liquid extracts. Most items sold by large supplements chains are just dummies.

Gimmickry refers to trade items that print tongkat ali on their labels but contain miniscule amounts of the herbal, if any at all. Most tongkat ali coffees, teas, and beverages are appropriately classified as gimmickry.

The above categories of tricking, cheating, and defrauding often overlap. But they are all rooted in the fact that tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia by scientific name, pasak bumi in the Indonesian vernacular) is rare, and unique with its androgenic properties. It is the herbal most sought-after by men and women who want to improve sexual function or libido, and by bodybuilders who want to boost testosterone synthesis to gain mass or increase the size of their genitals to normal after cycles of anabolic steroids (see this YouTube hit of a bodybuilder commenting on his penis dimensions).

Alas, genuine tongkat ali is hard to come by. The plant is threatened with extinction in Malaysia, and wide forest fires deplete resources in Indonesia. Because genuine tongkat ali is rare, it also is expensive. Such circumstances result in a temptation to cheat. Scammers typically substitute other herbals or concoctions of stearate and bootleg drugs for Tongkat Ali, circumventing supply bottlenecks and maximizing profits at the same time, at the expense of gullible consumers.

digging tongkat ali roots genuine source deep inside the forests

Large photo

Our tongkat ali is genuine. Ours is one of very few companies who actually have access to tongkat ali deep inside tribal forests in Indonesia (photographic proof), and we stock enough Tongkat Ali to be a credible manufacturer (photographic proof). We are a source of tongkat ali botanical documentation (photographic proof), run our own extraction facility (photographic proof), and use the laboratories of the Universitas Sumatra Utara for analytical chemistry (photographic proof). We have daily retail and wholesale deliveries, and probably are the world’s only supplier of container-quantities of Tongkat Ali root (photographic proof). Our products have been extensively tested for many years (lab reports), and they are government-approved (licenses).

We ship worldwide, and have distributors in USA and Germany.

So, what are the alternatives? Major-brand Tongkat Ali in the US? The New York attorney general has sent a warning letter to brick-and-mortar distributors to take herbal products off the shelves because they are mostly fillers (New York Times).

Our manufacturing is entirely based on Tongkat Ali. We only utilize processed root as extract binder, and refrain from using stearic acid, derived from slaughterhouse remnants, road-kill carcasses, euthanized pets, and farm animals that died from diseases, all of which are cooked up in rendering plants (YouTube 1, YouTube 2, YouTube 3). While YouTube can communicate how it looks, there is no technology yet to broadcast the incredible stink.

We suggest that those interested in purchasing a tongkat ali product pay some attention to labels and stated supplement facts (see here for a selection of stearic acid tongkat ali), and think twice before buying something that lists stearic acid or stearate, which are the prime outputs of rendering plants. Not only is knowledge about the origins of stearic acid or stearate extremely unappetizing. There are also health concerns which one certainly does not want associated with a product supposed to support sexual health. The mad cow disease (Spongiform Encephalopathies) was spread by products of rendering plants. Theoretically, rendering plants at some locations are now prohibited from processing spinal cords, but look at above video coverage. Nobody is going to remove spinal cords from animal corpses there.

And then, mad cow disease (BSE) is not the only potential health risk of stearic acid and stearate (Source 1, Source 2). Large brands at least print it on their labels when they use stearic acid or stearate as a filler. But the scammers who claim to sell 1:200 tongkat ali extract and lie about their material, lie about GMP, lie about HPLC, fake lab documents, and fake reviews… they will certainly lie about stearic acid and stearate, too. Quite possibly, they sell a powder in capsules that is 90 percent Chinese stearic acid, and 10 percent of a phosphodiesterase inhibitor analogue. People don’t have to suffer from mad cow disease first, before being stupid enough to trust without proof.

Is Tongkat Ali coffee a cheap alternative? The FDA has sent a warning letter (Fox News) to the distributor of Stiff Bull for lacing their drink with a phosphodiesterase inhibitor analogue. The laconic excuse of the importer: desmethyl carbodenafil was added because genuine tongkat ali is hard to source, and very expensive.

By any standard, tongkat ali fraud is rampant. The most blatant case in point are Internet-savvy scammers who make it to the first and second page of Google search results for tongkat ali. They claim to sell their own versions of our 1:200 extract, when in fact, they can’t even come up with a legitimate source for tongkat ali roots, much less for anything 1:200. Their expertise is anyway not ethnobotany, but black-hat search engine optimization, and the spinning of lies to milk men eager to improve sex, develop their physique, or kickstart testosterone synthesis to get over the side effects of steroids.

How to protect yourself? First of all, be very critical of anything that claims 1:200 and cannot be traced back to us.

Second, don’t be fed stories about unnamed GMP extraction facilities in Germany, or a factory in Indonesian Java that doesn’t need to be licensed because it only produces for export. Always demand to know names and locations of the manufacturers of what you intend to swallow.

Don’t be intimidated. Some scammers react quite aggressively on inquiries into their bootlegs. Usually they blame you for having read cautioning advise like what is presented here, and then they scream, sort of, that their tongkat ali is best ever sold, and that they are the most honest traders on the surface of this planet. Stay calm, just demand to know who manufactures what they sell, and ask for confirmation at the source.

Third, check for photographic proof. This is advice that has been propagated by us and consumer protection advocates for more than a decade. And it has prompted some retailers to echo the sentiment, and try to comply. But among those, one guy, a bodybuilder imitating Hulk Hogan (congratulations on your victory over the Gawker pest, and kudos to Peter Thiel for funding this privacy-intruding cancer), got it wrong and provokes sympathy rather than credibility (see here for some harmless fun).

Now, we know that among bodybuilders are many exhibitionists (see one in action here). But hey, we are talking of photographic evidence for tongkat ali here, and not of photographic evidence for your muscles.

Any genuine business involved with a plant as rare as tongkat ali should be proud to display imagery that they actually collect it in the wild (photographic proof), stock sufficient quantities to show that indeed they are in substantial trade (photographic proof), and manufacture a product (photographic proof).

They should be proud to show off premises and facilities. And when you see the pictures, look for marks that properly identify them. Pressed for visual evidence, some scammers don’t shun away from displaying skyscrapers and oil refineries and telling viewers that, hey, here is our office tower and tongkat ali extraction plant. Anyway, these people operate on the presumption that the world is populated by fools and idiots.

On the other hand, scammers aren’t necessarily the cream of human intelligence either. Their smartness is selective. They know how to relieve other people of their money through con artistry, but even their general knowledge is shallow, and a scientific background non-existent.

That doesn’t stop them from garnishing their sales talk with scientific terminology. The task is to impress low-brows and rednecks only, as site visitors with above-average intelligence won’t buy from them anyway. Here some examples of the scientific nonsense they postulate.

No surprise then that they also fabricate documents which they then cite as evidence, or simply steal documents from other cites, or resort to outright forgery. Doesn’t matter that their lies are easily unveiled, as anyway, Internet scammers are at a safe distance from their victims and don’t have to fear lynching mobs (graphic Indonesian footage). And they don’t set foot on Indonesia, where lynching, often accompanied by burning victims alive, is shockingly common (Jakarta Post, The Conversation).

Because it works with unsuspecting minds and borderline Alzheimer’s, con artists like to decorate themselves with academic credentials, and they garnish their bios with invented recognitions (click this sidekick when in the mood for some fun)

From bloated academic credentials it’s a short ascent to the fabricating of lab certificates (see here). Proper lab certificates are issued by authoritative bodies, and of course, they are signed by a lab head who takes responsibility.

But where to obtain when the tongkat ali 1:200 extract is an outright fake anyway?

While self-aggrandisement with irrelevant and invented titles is typical for a petty cheapish cheater, and the fabrication of certificates is still just con artistry that requires stupid believers, the scammer graduates to full criminal conduct when he starts forging certificates with the letterheads of a university, and the signature of a real professor (see here).

Poor Drs Awaluddin Saragih of the Universitas Sumatra Utara, being abused in the tongkat ali scams of a Singaporean self-proclaimed masturbation expert.

Birds fly, dogs bark, scammers scam, and fakers fake. Not just certificates, but also customer reviews. We at tongkatali.org do not run a customer review plugin. Customer reviews are childish, and have low credibility. They are often doctored: written by people who want to sell something. Great product (of course), fast shipping (of course), everything as expected (of course). Fakespot is a website dedicated to uncover review fraud by tracing reviews to identical IP addresses, or uncovering irregularities such as the bulk of reviews posted on a single day, or the offer of a discount for reviews posted before the product has been shipped. The lowest trustworthiness score of Fakespot is F. Examples of review scammers caught with their pants down, see here.


Dosage and cycling information for genuine tongkat ali extract

This dosage information applies only to genuine tongkat ali products of Sumatra Pasak Bumi. It does not apply to the numerous fakes of scammers whose expertise is Google manipulation in order to rank high on tongkat ali searches, but sell cheap tribulus terrestris or tongkat ali root powder, not extract. If an alleged tongkat ali product is not accompanied by photographic evidence from harvest to shelf, always assume it is tribulus terrestris.

For tongkat ali 1:50 extract, the standard dosage for men is 1.6 gram (1600 mg) to 3.2 gram (3200 mg) per day. Weight lifting athletes may go to twice or even four times that dosage. Women should start with one quarter of male dosages, and work themselves up to half of male dosages.

For tongkat ali 1:200 extract, the standard dosage for men is 1.2 gram (1200 mg) per day. Weight lifting athletes take up to 2.4 gram (2400 mg) per day. First-week dosages should just be one quarter of standard dosages, and second-week dosages should be one half of standard dosages.

For optimal results, tongkat ali should be cycled. It is also important to follow the dietary recommendations given below. If the dietary recommendations are not observed, tongkat ali may have little or no effect. Certain plant foods cancel the effectiveness of any nutritional or supplemental testosterone support and should therefore be avoided.


Tongkat ali should be cycled. This means that one takes it for some time, and then, for a shorter period of time, one goes without it. A standard cycle schedule would be 2 weeks on, 1 week off. Optimal on-cycle length varies among users.

Older users often have the best results with short cycles. The cycles may be as short as 4 days on, 2 days off.

Most users on longer cycles will experience a rising phase during which effects of hormonal support build up. This means that for many users, there will be little effect on the first day or the first few days of a cycle. They then reach a high phase during which tongkat ali exerts its effect. In younger users, this phase can last several days. After that (still during tongkat ali use), one will enter a falling phase, caused by the body adjusting to the tongkat ali through negative feedback systems.

This is a normal occurrence with anybody’s endocrine system. Whenever hormonal balances are influenced, the body will aim to return to genetically determined age-related set points (even if these set points are not optimal for health, and certainly not optimal for sexual conduct). Because tongkat ali itself is not testosterone or a hormone, negative feedback mechanisms are delayed.

The aim is to use nutritional measures to induce higher testosterone levels without the negative effects of steroid use, such as testicular and penile shrinkage, and libido impairment.

However, as the body has many ways to regulate hormone levels, there is a point when raised testosterone levels, even when caused by nutritional intervention or behavioral measures, will start to drop. It is best to then go into an off-cycle right away. Off-cycles typically should be about half as long as on-cycles. Thus, if one takes tongkat ali for 2 weeks, the off-cycle should be about 1 week in length.

An alternative strategy, especially for bodybuilders, is to cycle tongkat ali and butea superba. Both herbals are androgenic, which means that they increase testosterone tone. But they do so on entirely different pathways.

Tongkat ali itself is not a testosterone equivalent. Rather the opposite. Tongkat ali signals the endocrine system that there isn’t enough testosterone around. So the Leydig cells go into overdrive, synthesizing more testosterone. This works for some time, until the body recognizes the trickery, and, via the negative feedback loop, reduces testosterone synthesis.

It’s a totally different story with butea superba. Butea superba acts like a testosterone analogue, with an affinity for testosterone receptors while at the same time not subject to an aromatase conversion into estrogens.

These properties make butea superba ideal for use during tongkat ali off-cycles as it allows Leydig cells to rest, while at the same time maintaining a high testosterone tone.

However, caution is advised with butea superba as its testosterone and libido-enhancing properties are less predictable. Cases of extreme testosterone agitation, both sexual and organic, have been clinically reported for butea superba supplementation.


Tongkat ali on-cycles and off-cycles should be accompanied by different nutritional strategies. In order to support testosterone synthesis while on tongkat ali, an on-cycle diet should include fair amounts of protein and fat of animal source.

Fish and seafood should be avoided during on-cycles because it can lead to allergic reactions.

To achieve primarily prosexual effects, it is recommended not to consume loads of carbs-rich foods during a tongkat ali on-cycle (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes).

For those who have a hard time to manage their diets for nutritional benefits only, while having to forgo the taste and pleasure rewards of food, the Serge Kreutz diet on sergekreutz.net will offer an elegant solution.

If one uses tongkat ali exclusively for bodybuilding (as opposed to pro-sexual parameters), a sufficient supply of carbs are a necessary part of the diet plan. In that case, the carbs should be eaten once a day, approximately 1 hour before training. The tongkat ali should be used after the training session, and again at the hour most distant from the training session.

Broccoli, cauliflower, soy-based foods, and garlic can have disruptive effects on natural testosterone support. One should therefore not consume broccoli, cauliflower, soy-based foods, and garlic during on-cycles.

In order to avoid overall nutritional imbalances, the off-cycle diet should be different from the on-cycle diet. During off-cycles, one’s diet should emphasize vegetables and fruit, with little meat, cheese, and eggs. Protein during off-cycles should come mainly from fish. Broccoli, cauliflower, and soy-based foods, are good dietary choices for off-cycles.

Furthermore, during off-cycles, whole-grain breads are well suited to prepare the body for the next on-cycle.

Once one is ready to again use the tongkat ali, one should stop eating whole-grain foods as well as vegetables, and switch back to a diet strong on meat, cheese, eggs, and nuts.

Strange as the proposition may sound, it is best for tongkat ali users to avoid drinking water in plastic bottles, as this may interfere with a testosterone-positive diet agenda. Water and other drinks from glass bottles are a safer bet.


Please note that for legal and common-sense reasons, we never advise anyone buying our tongkat ali products to modify any drug regimen that has been decided on by the buyer’s physician. Furthermore, if you do take prescription drugs on advice of your physician, it is a good idea to ask him or her whether tongkat ali will interfere with your medications.

Tongkat ali is not a medicine in the sense that it would be suitable for the treatment of specific diseases.

Rather one should think of tongkat ali as a tonic that turns good or decent health into optimal health by providing nutritional and supplemental support for the testostetone synthesis by one’s own body.

If you take tongkat ali extract to support libido, you should not combine it with saw palmetto or pygeum. Furthermore, we suggest that people stop using the pharmaceutical finasteride (Proscar) for its vanity application, which is to slow down the rate of scalp balding. However, patients who are prescribed finasteride in the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia should definitely not stop using finasteride without consulting their physician first.

Saw palmetto, pygeum, and finasteride all interfere with dihydrotestosterone synthesis. The enzymatic conversion of some testosterone into dihydrotestosterone is generally though to increase libido, but it is not considered the only pathway by which a body achieves this.

If taken for pro-sexual purposes, one has to be aware that tongkat ali mostly supports libido, not erectile function. For this reason, if you are above 45 and take tongkat ali to enhance libido, you may want to obtain a physician’s prescription for a phosphodiesterase inhibitor.

For a combination of tongkat ali extract with a standard erection medication, the following usage schedule works best. Some three to four hours before expected sexual intercourse, take half the daily dosage of tongkat ali extract with a full meal. For one to two hours after this meal, your testosterone levels will be below average (large amounts of food suppress testosterone). Your testosterone will see a natural rebound some two hours after the meal. This is when the nutritional and supplemental hormonal support can also start to kick in, raising your testosterone above daily averages.

It is then best not to eat again until after sexual intercourse. Eating again before sexual intercourse may cause the effect of hormonal support to diminish. About 1 or 1:30 hours before expected intercourse, one would add the Pfizer’s Blue.

Please be aware that the above suggested course may cause a noticeable histamine reaction. Facial flushing and a stuffed nose are typical indications of a histamine reaction. These are also indications that sexual intercourse will likely be more exciting and satisfying than normal.


Side effects are not much of a concern with tongkat ali, especially in those who have taken it for some time. Nevertheless, if your health isn’t optimal, you may want to use less than the standard dosage for a few days, and then increase slowly. Furthermore, older people will usually have a stronger effect from tongkat ali, and side effects are more likely in older users.

Initial side effects could be facial flushing, headache, and testicular pressure. Regardless of your age, these side effects will subside after a few days. Penile and testicular hypertrophy (increased size) can be a long term side effect, especially with the use of very large dosages, and in those who use tongkat ali at a younger age. This effect can be traced back to testicular Leydig cells inducing growth of surrounding tissue. (Penile and testicular size increases during puberty, are caused by the activation of testicular Leydig cells and the subsequent increased testosterone secretion by these cells). Size increases during Leydig cell activation, during puberty, do not reverse.


Conventional wisdom is that nutritional and supplemental support for testosterone synthesis could cause a person to get carried away much more intensively during intercourse than he or she would without it. Testosterone-enhanced sex will likely be more aggressive than usual. In order to get the best (and the best sex) out of nutritional and supplemental testosterone support, it is important to accept the aggressiveness as a component of increased libido. Stop taking the tongkat ali when strange sexual desires appear. Please be aware that strange sexual desires are a potentiation of normal sexual desires, and that virtually anyone can develop aberrant sexual inclinations when testosterone levels are sufficiently raised.


By and large, tongkat ali has the same effect on women as it does on men. In Southeast Asia, women take tongkat ali to support fertility as well as libido. Most commonly it is used by those who take hormone-based contraceptives (the pill). Indonesian women typically have 2 complaints about contraceptive pills: that they make them fat, and that they interfere with sexual pleasure. Many of them believe that tongkat ali keeps them both slim and interested in sex (tongkat ali will not override the contraceptive effect of pills, though). The dosage recommendation for women is to take about half as much as men.

There is no use of tongkat ali for date rape intentions or machinations. Because of its extremely bitter taste, it cannot be mixed secretly into drinks.


If you obtained our loose extract powder in pouches and want to measure exact quantities, you will need a scale. If you want to order a cheap but exact scale, you can do so through the website www.saveonscales.com. There are other sites with equal or even better offers.

On the other hand, whether your dosage is 0.8 gram or 1 gram or 1.2 gram of our 1:50 extract, or a 0.6 gram or 0.9 gram of our 1:200 extract, does not make a difference in principle. It’s not that 1 gram of 1:50 extract would be an efficient dosage, and 0.8 gram not.

It’s just like with coffee or tea. People do not use a scale to measure 3 gram per cup, but just take approximate amounts, based on their experience. In the case of tongkat ali, it’s a tip of a teaspoon. Of course, not all teaspoons are the same size. If we use our own standard kitchen teaspoons, a heaped teaspoon is about 7 gram (too large a dose). A leveled teaspoon is about 2 gram, so slightly less than a leveled teaspoon would be a single standard dose.


If you have obtained loose tongkat ali extract (not capsules), it is best to dissolve your dose in half a cup of tepid water and then swallow it in one go. Because of the bitter taste, many people prefer to take a bite or two of some food right afterwards. Obviously, if you obtained capsules, you do not have to worry about the taste, and how to best get the tongkat ali down.

If you obtained loose extract and cannot “stomach” the taste, you can buy empty capsules in pharmacies anywhere in the world. Suitable capsules sizes are 00 (larger) and 0 (smaller). You can fill capsules easily by hand, though they won’t be filled entirely if you do not use equipment. If they are filled by hand, 0 size capsules hold about 150 mg of our 1:50 extract, and 00 size capsules about double as much. Our 1:200 extract is about 30 percent heavier than the 1:50 extract.


Tongkat ali chipped root and root powder are intended to be boiled as a tea. It is not advisable to consume the root powder raw, or to fill it into capsules. We do want to put emphasis on this, as root powder is commonly sold over the Internet by US-based distributors (in pouches or as capsules), without advice that it must be boiled; raw tongkat ali is likely to cause diarrhea.

A standard dosage of tongkat ali tea is prepared from 25 to 50 gram of chipped root or root powder, boiled for at least 5 minutes. A first-day dosage should be half of a standard dosage.

Dried root powder is primarily cellulose; the active ingredients are a very small fraction. Thus, the amounts of root powder (or chipped root) used per single dosage are rather large (25 to 50 gram as standard dosage, boiled for at least 5 minutes).


Dosage information for butea superba extract

To make dosing easy and convenient, our butea superba 1:120 extract is shipped with a small measuring spoon. A levelled measuring spoon (see photo) has a weight of 40 milligrams. A heaped measuring spoon is 100 milligrams.

Our butea superba extract is potent, and on some people, the libido-enhancing effects of butea superba extract can be profound. We thus suggest that any newcomer to this herbal starts with an initial dosage of just one levelled measuring spoon (40 milligrams) on the first day. If no negative side effects are recorded, the second day dosage can be a heaped measuring spoon (see photo) . From that point on dosages can be doubled every day up to 2 grams, provided there are no ill effects..

Some people feel increased testosterone tone as a stronger heartbeat. This in itself is not unhealthy. But it would be if this increased testosterone tone were to manifest itself as heart palpitations..

We know Thai men (some of our workers, actually) who consume 10 grams of our butea superba extract on a day, and swear by its virility enhancing effects. This, however, is not recommended for users without a history of butea superba extract consumption..

Please note that our product is a concentrated extract, not the cheap root powder commonly sold. Root powder is worthless..

In an effort of window dressing this fact, some large chains sell root powder with a description saying “full spectrum” butea superba. But some 98 percent of this full spectrum is just cellulose with a potential of gastric distress. After all, the digestive tract of humans isn’t laid out to process saw dust that even ruminants refuse..




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Sexuality enhancing herbals

Sumatra Pasak Bumi is a distributor of Asian medicinal herbs, with a focus on plant extracts that have been used for ages in Asia to enhance the sexual function and sexual pleasure of men and women. Our initial focus was on tongkat ali, which we have been distributing since last century. Our principal website is still named tongkatali.org, and our company is registered as Sumatra Pasak Bumi (pasak bumi is the Indonesian name for tongkat ali).

We have later added kacip fatima (a libido herb for women), and sirih leaves, kayu rapat, and manjakani, three herbs for female genital care.

By and large, there are many more sexuality enhancing herbs for women (phytoestrogens) than there are for men (phytoandrogens).

Indonesia only has one additional maleness-enhancing herbal, daun bungkos, but that one doesn’t work on the hormonal pathway but is used for penis enlargement. We source it in Papua New Guinea, some 6000 kilometers away.

We sell a whole lot of other herbals, from Indonesia and China, that support not sexual parameters but general health. However, our pioneering efforts have always been in the sexual arena where herbal enhancement is most rewarding, especially for men.

We have scouted and sourced all over Asia, but the country richest in male-supporting biodiversity is Thailand. So it’s maybe not accidentally that Thailand has long been a paradise for men in other aspects than herbal medicine.

Apart from tongkat ali, which also was common in Thailand before it was depleted, this kingdom also features butea superba and grachai dam.

Thailand isn’t integrated into the Western World to the same degree as Indonesia. Thailand never was a colony of a European power, and doesn’t use the Roman alphabet, so scientific research into Thai ethnobotany was scarce. This, however has changed, and there is now solid scientific research backing traditional knowledge that butea superba and grachai dam can revive a man’s sex life, and make good sex extraordinarily fantastic.

We have distributed butea superba more than 10 years ago, but only as a sideline. Recent research has made it a necessity to put it on a track parallel to tongkat ali.

Information, statements and products on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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