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Wholesale tongkat ali 1:50, 400 mg capsules

100 bottles = 2,750 US dollars (27.50 US dollars per bottle).

200 bottles = 4,950 US dollars (24.75 US dollars per bottle),

400 bottles = 8,910 US dollars (22.28 US dollars per bottle).

800 bottles = 16,038 US dollars (20.05 US dollars per bottle)

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Larger orders: quantity times 2, price times 1.8.

Smaller orders: quantity divided by 2, price divided by 1.8.

We guarantee arrival of any quantity to any destination. There is always a legal way.

If shipment is in pouches instead of bottles, there is a deduction in price of 1 US dollar per non-required bottle.

Wholesale prices do not include shipping.


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