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Durian for sexual enhancement and an active long life

As far as sexual enhancement goes, durian occupies the most special place. And it's not because it would be the sexual enhancement killer app that makes everything else obsolete.

Durians may not aide in testosterone synthesis as definitely as tongkat ali, and they may not cause libido to spike as reliably as mucuna pruriens (velvet beans).

But the durian fruit is unique among all sexual enhancement nutrients in that it has such a magnificent taste.

Most people in Southeast Asia, and many children among them, consume durian fruit for its eating pleasure, nothing else, thank you, and the same is true for an increasing number of Americans and Europeans who become hooked on durian... just for the fruit's gourmet aspects.

The greatest reputation, however, the durian fruit has among the Chinese. For its taste as well as its potential in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine towards health is quite different from the Western approach.

The Western approach focuses on anatomy and physiology, organs and their functions and malfunctions.

Even though we are talking here about Traditional Chinese Medicine, we do recognize that the Western scientific approach is superior for treating diseases. We do not think that Traditional Chinese Medicine as a healthcare concept could compete with Western medicine.

That doesn't mean that TCM would be useless.

It's actually great for health enhancement.

At the base of TCM is qi, vital energy. Qi is thought to have coordinates of yin (cool) and yang (heated). These two aspects must be in harmony for good health, for the individual person, and even for any social constellation or political system.

In the perspective of human existence, life energy is closely related to the immune system, and thus the spleen.

That is where Western medicine and TCM overlap. A perfect immune system is central to superior health.

Qi, life energy in TCM, is only vaguely defined, and thus open to interpretation by different schools of thought.

One could understand Kreutz Ideology, and the philosophy at the root of Sumatra Pasak Bumi and tongkatali.org, as such a school of thought.

For us, qi, or life energy, is strongly related to sexual desire (libido) and the capability to have powerful, satisfying orgasms.

As long as these aspects are in order, the immune system will likely be in good shape, too. And a good immune system prevents many illnesses.

But it's not that people with healthy libido and the capability for powerful orgasms wouldn't fall ill. Becoming sick can happen for a wide array of reasons, and illnesses have many causes.

For the management of specific illnesses, Western scientific medicine is better than TCM.

We at Sumatra Pasak Bumi do not advocate the ideas of TCM for the treatment of diabetes or cancers or the flu, or, for that matter, any disease. Our concern really is just optimal libido and optimal sexual function.

Herbal and dietary interventions are an important component of both, TCM and the Serge Kreutz / Sumatra Pasak Bumi path to health and happiness. They contribute to the harmony of an organism, and replenish qi.

Coffee and similar Western stimulants are thought of as poor qi replenishers, largely because they interfere with sleep architecture. There cannot be superior health, and optimal sex, without good sleep.

Durian fruit isn't a stimulant like coffee. You eat durian, you sleep perfectly. But durian supplies a good amount of yang (heat), and this is not just metaphysical but can be observed by anybody who eats durian.

Durian heats the body. Some people who react strongly can develop a fever after generous servings. And anybody, especially smokers, will experience an increased discharge of phlegm from the lungs (an effect unlikely to be achieved by any other food).

And obviously, with fresh durian, there is gastrointestinal heating and the discharge of gases. Durian burps, unfortunately, have the same offensive smell as do durians.

The smell results from volatile sulphur compounds, and it is miserable like many gases containing the element sulphur.

The fruits smell, when on sale and after having been eaten, is the primary limitation to the availability and consumption of durians in the West.

That is why AAZA Farms, a grower of durian in Thailand, has developed a technology to produce desiccated smell-less durian flakes.

The taste of the durian is not compromised. But there no longer is the stink that makes durians untransportable and unconsumable in the West.

The taste is not compromised, and neither are the benefits of durian for qi, general health, and sexual health.

Thus, you have good reason to incorporate durian flakes in any stack for sexual enhancement with dietary supplements and nutrients.

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