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Coffees and teas for superior energy and sexual pleasure

Coffee is a smart drug, no doubt. When you are mentally sluggish, and you have coffee, or a caffeinated drink, you have new energy to go ahead with your task, whether this may be driving a car, or studying for an exam, or being on a night shift as a security guard.

Unfortunately, coffee, or caffeinated drinks, including tea, are not supportive of sexual function. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, an agent that narrows blood vessels. But for male sexual function, especially erectile events, vasodilation is necessary. Caffeine also may impede libido.

Do you have to just accept antisexual side effects, as a trade-in for the priority of caffeine-driven productivity? No, we have a better solution.

SPB produces a number of coffee and tea mixtures that get the best out of coffee, and at the same time counteract the potential negative side effects on sexual parameters.

Because the additions to the coffee or tea would greatly impact the taste (in a negative manner) , our mixtures are encapsulated.

The encapsulated blends are tongkat ali coffee and tea, black ginger coffee and tea, and velvet beans coffee and tea.

Tongkat ali is a well-established testosterone booster, black ginger a vasodilator of the same category as sildenafil citrate, and velvet beans are the world's foremost libido enhancer.

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