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The SPB approach to nutrition, to health, and to better sex is based on the conception that life is biochemistry and that tuning biochemistry with phytochemicals (plant extracts) optimizes sexual motivation and function.

That isn't far-fetched as many "psychological" aspects of our lives are easily and profoundly influenced by plant-derived chemistry.

Opium can determine whether we feel pain, and cannabis can determine how we experience time. Many mushrooms can change our perceptions in strange ways, and, on a more conventional level, coffee and tea make many of us more motivated to work.

Saint John's Wort can show some people value in life which they otherwise don't see, and the waters of fermented sugar cane, fermented wheat, and fermented potatoes can make people forget social rules.

The effects show in the realm of psychology, but in reality, all of them are the work of schamanism... the interference with biochemistry through plant chemicals.

As so many aspects of human perception, behavior, and identity can be influenced by phytochemicals, it's plainly logical that there are plant extracts that modify sexual motivation, sexual function, and sexual release.

And that's what SPB is specializing in. We understand human psychology, and sexuality, and ultimately all life, as an expression of plant chemistry on human chemistry and physiology.

It's not the only rational view of life, but it deeply is ours.

We have developed many individual extracts that modify a variety of sexual parameters, but not just that.

We also propagate a new nutritional concept. This concept separates nutritional aspects of food from Lucullan aspects of food.

Let's face it: most of the food people consume, they consume because it's a pleasure to eat, not because of the nutrients a body needs for optimal function.

But it's not just pleasure to consume food. Good-tasting food in the mouth has important psychological effects. Basically, gourmet experiences, pleasurable sensations in the mouth, enhance creative thinking, and convey a positive mood on the future.

But there are many downsides in indulging in the positive impacts of great tasting food. If you swallow all the stuff that tastes good, you will be obese in no time. That's bad for health and bad for sex.

Try the SPB / Serge Kreutz approach.

You don't have to swallow all the food that tastes so good. Just chew it, enjoy the pleasure of the palate, and then spit it out.

If you are overweight, you can most certainly lose weight with the SPB / Serge Kreutz diet approach. 1 kg down per week is a realistic expectation.

You won't be starving. Some food always slides down your esophagus.

You may also want to consider eating a fried or boiled egg plus some 200 grams of fresh fruit every day.

And if you are concerned about optimal health and optimal sex beyond optimal weight, pro-sexual plant extracts are a must.

Here, stacking is the best strategy. Stacking means that a wide variety of pro-sexual herbals, and some that simply promote health, are swallowed in small, capsules-based dosages at intervals of about 1 or 2 hours.

There are three sexual parameters that are targeted with the SPB stacks: they are dopaminergic, hormonal, and vascular.

The dopaminergic and hormonal components enhance libido (sexual desire) and orgasms, while the vascular components are responsible for ease of penile and clitoral erections.

Typically, a stack starts with velvet beans (mucuna pruriens) extract, a dopaminergic nutrient. This could be an unblended mucuna pruriens extract, or a mucuna pruriens coffee, green tea, or cacao extract.

The velvet beans or blended velvet beans stack is typically followed by a hormonal modulator like tongkat ali or butea superba. Then a vascular agent like kaempferia parviflora or boesenbergia rotunda is used. The next dopaminergic herbal could be fenugreek, or fenugreek in combination with mucuna pruriens (velvet beans). Fenugreek potentiats the effects of the L-dopa in velvet beans.

A stack doesn't have to be a rigid regimen. Everybody who is serious about better sex should try various combinations to see what works best.

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