There certainly are people who offer tongkat ali on Amazon. But for tongkat ali, Amazon is heavily infested with fake products and manipulated reviews. Amazon also used to sell Caverflo, a Singaporean fake tongkat ali, until this fake Chinese tongkat ali killed people in the USA. It’s probably a good idea to buy from a proper tongkat ali company, rather than Amazon.

Fake Amazon tongkat ali and Google-ranking scammers

On the tongkat ali market, you have it all: scams, quackery, bogus science, dummy products, and gimmickry. What is hard to come by is evidence-based, audited tongkat ali, backed by public health authorities and therefore government-approved.
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Common false tongkat ali claims

Many websites sell fake tongkat ali, mostly fake 1:200 extract, because 1:200 has traditionally been our most expensive ratio. We produce the 1:200 by filtering our 1:50. There never was anything in 1:200 that wasn’t in 1:50.

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Alternating tongkat ali and butea superba

It is well established that tongkat ali has to be cycled. This is the case because of the negative feedback loops of the human body’s hormonal system: increased levels of any hormone reliably trigger the hormone’s down-regulation. This is why exogenous testosterone causes testicular shrinkage, for example. When more than enough testosterone comes from the syringe, the Leydig cells don’t produce any at all, and the testicles get atrophied.

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