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Butea superba powder or butea superba extract

Many price conscious consumers do not pay sufficient attention to what kind of butea superba, or alleged butea superba, they are actually purchasing. They only compare prices, and don’t doubt whether what they are buying is the actual thing.

Those who just want a cheap price can get a cheap price indeed. But what they are buying is not butea superba, or, for that matter, any other rare herbal.

It has now become prevalent on the internet to sell soy flour and claim it to be butea superba, or tongkat ali, whatever you want.

Soy flour is whitish but can easily be turned into any color from whitish to dark brown by just heating it in an oven toaster.

Soy flour is readily available online or in groceries for 1

To 2 US dollars per kg.

The cheapest offers for butea superba, or tongkat ali, or other exotic herbals, are usually on eBay, Amazon, and Chinese online trade platforms like Aliexpress.

A conservative estimate puts the percentage of fakes at 90 percent. But fakes may even constitute 95 or 98 percent. The trade in fakes is easily scalable. When selling soy powder as butea superba on one website generates a profit margin of 500 percent, and a net income of 3000 US dollars, with zero danger of legal trouble, why not set up 3, or 10 websites, all owned by the same mafia, but seemingly competing with each other? One site earns 3000 US dollars, so 10 sites make 30,000.

Want to be sure what you are buying, or have bought? In a lab, identifying a powder as being from a certain plant costs thousands of US dollars.

We at PT Sumatra Pasak Bumi, put our products through lengthy government approval processes in Indonesia. That takes years per item. And the government lab in Jakarta spends months on just identifying what our products are not.

See here for a picture of a lab report of such an examination.

Our company, PT Sumatra Pasak Bumi, is at the source of both tongkat ali and butea superba, and we have ample photographic evidence. We are based in Southeast Asia, both Indonesia and Thailand. We are not resellers. The butea superba and tongkat ali we sell has all been dug out from the ground by our own workers.

We sell butea superba as root powder and as extract. We sell root powder primarily to give people who most of all want cheap prices an opportunity to buy something that is not soy flour but at least butea superba indeed.

But we recommend extracts. Root powder is hard to digest. That goes for both butea superba and tongkat ali. Root powder is mostly fiber, and fiber of a variety that the digestive system of many people aims to expel as quickly as possible, without much absorption. So, for many people there is some form of digestive distress, and for some there will be diarrhea.

The aim in producing an extract is to reduce, most of all, irritating hard fibers. Further aims, obviously, are hygiene-oriented. Raw roots of any species are infested by a plethora of microorganisms. That’s not healthy, and must be handled. Telling a recipient that the product has to be boiled does not suffice.

Processes applied to produce a genuine extract include fermenting, heating, centrifuging, sieving, and microwaving. We do not use any chemical agents or excipients.

On the other hand, those who anyway only sell soy flour filled in capsules (and that encompasses all cheap sellers) don’t have to busy themselves with extraction technologies.

They only have to set up websites, and count the money which idiots send them. Many people are so easy to cheat. They believe anything, as long as the price is cheap.

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