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How butea superba redefined my sex life

Before I embarked on the butea superba train, my sex life was pretty ordinary, I assume.

I was functional, and a standard husband, and had sex about twice a week.

OK, after a few years, it was once a week. And then it became a routine for which I didn't care much. To perform at all, I had to fall back on imaginations which did not involve my wife. And orgasms became a labour.

Now I am married to butea superba, and my sex life is intense.

But I have to explain what intense means. Because it's not the kind of intensity one sees on Internet porn. It's pretty much the opposite.

Most porn videos proceed fairly fast to fucking. And usually it gets fairly wild. It also gets fast. They fuck in this position, and then in another one, and then again in another. Five strokes per second, like a piston engine.

Honestly, as a butea superba user, I find this ridiculous. I find it unerotic, and not sexy at all.

I also find it rather stupid that the main qualification of a male porn performer is to maintain an erection during high-speed fucking, and not having the erection break down for half an hour in a film studio setting. Porn is not erotic.

I would never want to be a male porn star. That would ruin my joy in sex.

For the same reason I would not want to be a gynecologist. I think that having to look at sick vaginas for hours on end is as unappetizing as being a butcher or a garbage collector.

For me, butea superba has turned sex into something metaphysical. Intercourse, with long foreplay, is like a religious service. It starts with a little cross-caressing between me and the female I am involved with. And then, at a certain point soon thereafter, the intensity sets in.

This intensity manifests itself first with a slow, deep heartbeat. A deep heartbeat is what you felt as a child when you were found out... found out having stolen chocolate which your mother had hidden away, or, a few years later, when you were found out masturbating or having masturbated. A deep heartbeat is commonly associated with feeling ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated.

Of course, during a butea superba-driven religious-service sex session, you are not ashamed. But you feel the deep heartbeat as if you were.

This is part of your new-found sexual intensity.

Another, most important, aspect of this intensity is that you just want to slow things down. Yes, sexual intensity is slow. It has to be slow because if it were speeded up just a little, it would result in ejaculation.

This is why Internet porn sex is the opposite of intense. Those guys cannot be genuinely aroused because if they were, they couldn't go on with high-speed fucking, or even just commence with it. How they manage a lasting erection for unsexy mechanic piston movements is their professional skill. I do not know their tricks. But their performance is not based on arousal, that's for sure.

For me, the sexual intensity on butea superba means that my only concern is not to climax too early. Because I want to remain on the pre-orgasmic plateau for as long as possible.

The orgasm may be the climax of a sexual encounter. But the male orgasm is a very momentary event. And while the feeling-good lasts a few minutes, and the sense of success even a few hours, the intensity of feeling drops rather fast after the actual orgasm.

Butea superba causes a very extended pre-orgasmic plateau. Butea superba does not cause premature ejaculation. For me, the pre-orgasmic plateau can easily last 15 minutes. This is butea superba intensity. A sense that an orgasm will certainly happen, and that it will be a tsunami.

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