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Butea superba and compulsive sexual behavior

That butea superba can induce compulsive sexual behavior has been well documented in the scientific literature and the general media.


Compulsive sexual desire is a highly perception-dependent morbidity. Some men, like the Thai subject cited above, feel uncomfortable with this symptom. Other men may take it as an indication of exceptionally good sexual health.

Whether butea superba induces compulsive sexual behavior in a person consuming it will also depend on baseline values and dosages.

One man’s side effect is another man’s cure. For men suffering of absent or low libido, the same butea superba that causes compulsive sexual behavior in other subjects, may as well lift libido to levels of a young male adult.

The same underlying neuromolecular mechanisms that manifest themselves as compulsive sexual behavior also lower the threshold of sexual arousability.

A good field measurement for arousability threshold is the experience men report about contacts with prostitutes.

Prostitutes by and large provide sexual services of low quality, due to time constraints, lack of genuine intimacy, and the unromantic requirement for condom use.

Many men around midlife and beyond just don’t get it up in such a setting, even on Pfizer's Blue.

On generous dosages of butea superba, the problem seems to disappear, and a good number of men report immensely satisfying sex even from 15 minutes encounters. Commented one man: “If good sex is so cheap, and life so easy, why would I need to invest into a wife.”

Butea superba is a Thai herbal, and maybe the alleged prevalence of prostitution in Thailand isn’t just coincidence.


There is a simple self-test procedure to check to what extent butea superba induces compulsive sexual behavior in a man of any age. Instructions for this self-test are provided with every order of our butea superba extract, together with the dosage info.

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