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Butea superba and the aging male

It is a common misperception that aging men are plagued by impotence because of erectile dysfunction.

No, usually there is nothing wrong with the vascular function of the vital organ. Much rather, the problem is sexual boredom.

No surprise, after decades of marriage with the same woman.

No surprise, even, after decades of sexuality with different persons.

Accordingly, it’s not old men who are the best responders to phosphodiesterase inhibitors like Pfizer’s Blue, but middle age men who want a faster reacting curve.

This is why butea superba (red kwao krua) is the better sexual enhancement. On a long-term course, butea superba sets back the clock of perceived sexual experience. Butea superba allows its users to be intrigued by sexuality per se, as they were in younger years.

Sexuality is a fantastic world. In the male brain, it’s as if there is s switch for sexuality. Turn it on, and a man’s thought is illuminated by ideas on what one could do together to achieve orgasmic release.

If you are an older man, forget Pfizer’s Blue and other phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Get your sexual imaginations back. And butea superba can be of definite help.

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