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After having purchased for 1000 US dollars, resellers discount 50 percent. Only have to stock a few bottles. We can ship to a reseller’s customers directly. We register, set up, and maintain a website for the reseller. Reseller communicates with buyers and receives payment. Offer available for any city in North America and every country on earth. Any language welcome, not just English. Also suited for resale on Facebook, other social media, or Amazon.

Sumatra Pasak Bumi has always primarily been a production and wholesale company. Our standard wholesale discount is 75 percent. However, a buyer who has purchased products directly from us for 1000 US dollars or more, subsequently is entitled to free double quantity for whatever he or she buys from us thereafter, including products not available from resellers.

It is foreseeable that ever more trade activities will move to the Internet. [1] [2] But that doesn’t have to mean that there will just be one universal player as Amazon is for printed books.

Google already localizes it’s search results.[3] [4] If a person in Minneapolis searches for spaghetti, he or she isn’t served well with information on companies or restaurants in Milan or Naples. Thus, Google will return Minneapolis spaghetti options.

We would also like to localize distribution, in order to take advantage of Google’s search localization. Up to now, we served a limited number of resellers who all needed substantial capital up front, typically more than 15,000 US dollars, for initial purchases. But we now introduced a system by which those using tongkat ali themselves can gradually become localized Internet-based distributors.

Because of Google’s localized search results, the only thing necessary for a reseller is to be local somewhere, and to register with Google as a local business. A tongkat ali reseller in Minneapolis will then likely come up as a result by anybody who searches for tongkat ali in Minneapolis or Minnesota, but not for somebody who searches in the Middlesbrough (youtube), UK, or Minsk, Belarus.

A local reseller would have to be available for an occasional phone call or chat with a customer, and a local reseller would have to receive payments. The product can either be stocked by the reseller, or shipped from us in Indonesia. It’s a different form of franchise, and of course, we would love to be local in as many places as 7-Eleven or McDonald’s.


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