You can pay in local currency to bank accounts in the following countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Germany. Payments to local bank accounts come with a discount of 20 percent.

The 20 percent discount is also available for payments by Western Union. Western Union payments can be made to recipients in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand as we have facilities in all three countries. If you would like to use Western Union, please tell us by email, and we will respond with the recipient details. With Western Union, credit cards can be used for online payments, but the process is not as quick as with our payment processor Worldpay.

If you want to pay in your local currency directly into an account or if you want to use Western Union, please request details by email. Please tell us in which country you want to pay.

How your payment is identified

Your payment to one of our bank accounts, or by Western Union, is identified solely by the name of the payer. There is no necessity to specify any order details in the payment form of the banks. Actually, making specifications in the bank forms can lead to confusion because of necessary abbreviations. It is best not to make any purpose specifications in bank forms, whether online or on paper.

What amount you pay at your bank, or with Western Union

Please note that remittance costs will have to be paid on your side. The full product price should arrive on our account. In the euro zone, payments to IBAN (International Bank Account Numbers) are very cheap. In Asian countries, if payment are made directly at the banks at which we have accounts, they are even free of charge. The highest remittance costs apply for payments made from the US. If you make a wire (telegraphic transfer), please specify at your bank that local and overseas charges are to be paid on your side, in addition to the amount you transfer.

If you use Western Union, the remittance costs will be 10 to 25 US dollars, which will also have to be paid by you in addition to the product price.

How we know what your payment is for

After you have made a payment to one of our bank accounts, please send us email containing three sets of information:
1. In what name has a payment been made.
2. What product you would like to receive.
3. To which address should we ship.

How we ship

Orders are shipped by EMS directly from Indonesia, or, for European orders, from the UK.

Your shipping address

When will your shipment arrive

Your order will be processed once your payment has been credited to our accounts, or payment has been received via Western Union. The preparation of your shipment typically takes two days. For nearby Asian destinations, a shipment will typically arrive four days after it has been shipped. For European and North American destinations, the shipment will arrive within 14 days after it has been shipped.

Lost shipments, replacements

If a retail shipment sent by EMS from Indonesia does not arrive, we send a replacement 30 days after the first shipment has been dispatched. So far, we have had cases of order replacements only for the US. In these cases, shipments were not really lost. It just happened that they got stuck at US customs. They were not even examined at customs, but just parked, and always delivered with a delay. If the delay was more than 30 days, it meant that the customer always received two shipments, the original one, and, free of charge, the second one which we shipped 30 days later.