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Velvet Beans Grade A 1:10, 100 Capsules @ 600 mg, on Amazon.com

Velvet Beans Grade A 1:10, Extract
100 Capsules @ 600 mg
Price: 34.00 US dollars

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Engineering Libido - Libido is a very complex physical reaction. It is harder to generate than an increase of heart rate and blood pressure by adrenaline, or a reduction of plasma sugar by insulin. But Mucuna Pruriens, combined with Butea Superba, Tongkat Ali and Kaempferia Parviflora, is still your best bet for engineering libido.

The worst sexual dysfunction - no, not erectile dysfunction, which is a minor aspect, but the loss of sexual desire. That is much worse. You can have great sex with no proper erection, even without an orgasm, but if you lack sexual desire, you lack meaning in life.

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