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Better avoid the toxins of standardized Tongkat Ali extracts

By: Tongkatali.org Editorial Staff

There are about 50 unique phytochemical compounds in the roots of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia). One is Eurycomanone. Its percentage is typically less than 1. But to gain a marketing edge, some Tongkat Ali products are claimed to be standardized for Eurycomanone, up to 8 %. How would that be achieved? Only by adding the chemical Eurycomanone to a mixture of plant material.

Eurycomanone can be purchased from chemicals warehouses. Nowadays, these are all in China. Eurycomanone is produced by subjecting Tongkat Ali root powder to a wide range of solvents like acetic acid to convert alkaloids into salts.

Next step: a defatting solvent like methylene chloride, ether, chloroform, dichloromethane, or naphtha. Then comes a base chemical like sodium hydroxide (lye), potassium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide, or ethyl acetate to bring the pH to 9 or 10, which transforms alkaloid salts into free bases. If such a week-long isolation procedure is applied to Eurycoma longifolia, one gets Eurycomanone at a purity of maybe 95 % ... and the remaining 5 % are solvent residues of uncertain composition, but certainly toxic.

Such chemicals are laboratory grade, not food grade or pharmaceutical grade. In China, their use in humans is prohibited.

But Chinese chemicals warehouses are permitted to export them, and what online supplement traders do with them in Singapore or London is not covered by Chinese law, so the chemicals warehouses are safe. Consumers are not.

Our Tongkat Ali extract is NOT standardized. We only use water as extraction medium, and do not add Eurycomanone that can be manufactured only by subjecting Tongkat Ali root powder to toxic solvents. And why, in the first place, should we mess with the composition of Tongkat Ali? The magic is in the full spectrum.

All scientific studies on Tongkat Ali in humans were done with whole extracts like ours, not with fractionalized ones.

Eurycomanone was primarily investigated in lab tissue cultures, where it induced cell death. There is not a single study on the use of Eurycomanone in live humans. Don't be a guinea pig.

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